Christmas To-do lists

I’m frantically trying to get quite a few craft related things done over the next week; be completely up to date on Project Life, make two Christmas picnic quilts before the first of the Christmas parties, and prepare my Christmas Planner and foundation pages for my December Daily. In order to stay on track, particularly with the Christmas stuff, I’ve whipped up some Christmas to do lists for my planner. If you can use a Christmas list or two, feel free to print them out.

The Red Wren to do lists

I’m using a 6×8 Stampin’ Up planner that I bought on clearance mid-year. I’m treating it as a Christmas planner/journal in conjunction with my December Daily album. Once Christmas is over, this will not only have Christmas planning type stuff in it, but it will be a record of this years decorations, entertaining, sewing etc. The stuff I like to take photos of that took up too much room in last year’s December Daily album. This will free my DD up for daily photos and they’ll be room for more; especially when we’ve been to an event.

I will need more than just a couple of lists, so I’ve cut a slit in some kraft cardstock to allow a paper clip to pass through and will print new lists as I need them. The lists are 5×7 inches, but you can always resize them smaller if that works better for you. To download them, click on the individual pictures below so they open full size, then save.


Edited to Add:

I had some interest in 3×4 inch versions. I’ve had to reduce the number of boxes, but I hope they are useful for someone! I’ve also included a third style. Click the images below so they open full size, then save them.

smallchristmastodo smallreindeeertodo smallsantatodo


I hope you like them!

Week in the Life – Wrap Up

Gosh the weeks are racing by. Am I the only one feeling like Christmas will be upon us before we get a chance to put the tree up? November seems to be just disappearing.

A few weeks ago I posted about Week in the Life. I finally finished putting the album together today and thought I’d share some thoughts about it.


If you read my previous post you’ll know that I pretty much decided to do this on a whim. The upside to this was that I completed it, the downside that I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I wanted to document, why I wanted to document it, and how. I did print out Ali’s templates but after two days I forgot to take notes and relied a lot on my memory for the journaling. When it came to putting it together I noticed I’d gone from having photos spaced through the day, to only having a handful of photos at the end of week which were quite random.

Materials wise, I used a Kaisercraft album which comes with 10 pocket pages. I could have done something with the cover, but I decided to leave it plain because, you know, Christmas is coming and there are ten million things to do!


Inside I used a combination of now obsolete templates by Nettio, Project Life Midnight edition paper, and WRMK Chalkboard cards.

Will I try this project again? Yes. But I think I’d need to do some better pre-planning and perhaps choose a week that isn’t as busy as this one. I had so much on coordinating a Halloween event at our local miniature railway and that definitely took away from this a lot. I’ve seen some of other people’s albums coming together and they are amazing. I love that people have thought to include family statistics, more receipts than I thought to collect, paraphernalia, and just well, a lot more quantity!

Am I happy with the result? Happier than no result!

Week in the Life

On occasion I think I’d have a lot more time if I weren’t such a fan of Ali Edwards, but on the other hand I’d miss out on so much. I wouldn’t have last years December Daily album (and the current excitement of organising this years), I wouldn’t be undertaking One Little Word focusing on the word ‘Less’ and how I can incorporate that into my life, and lastly I wouldn’t be undertaking yet another project; Week in the Life™.

I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to Week in the Life until this morning to be honest. Then I saw a post on Ali’s Facebook page, along with a few posts in the Project Life Australia Facebook group this morning and thought ‘let’s do this’. It helped that Ali herself commented on my Instagram post about it, encouraging me to ‘do it!’

Photo 27-10-2014 16 50 21

So what is it? Well clicking on the links above will give you the in depth explanation, but for me it’s going to be about capturing and writing about the day to day that it usually missed. My Project Life album is often the ‘highlights’ of the week, the pretty moments, the fun moments, but isn’t always really representative of all moments, so this week I aim to capture photos of the mundane, the routines, the reasons we do things, and hopefully create something that will be fun to look back on in years to come.

Are you undertaking Week in the Life? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


The Front Yard

I used to be quite diligent when it came to blogging about my garden, but somewhere along the way I became less and less so. I guess that happened once I was blogging less and less, so let’s rectify this.

When we moved in, in 2007, the house had a fairly sparse garden. We began to add to it; more plants, veggie patches, fruit trees, and it started to look nice. But then either through bad planning, lack of motivation, pregnancy, a new born.. the garden became rather overgrown, full of weeds and not very pretty at all.

In 2012 we began a project to fix it up, turn more lawn into beds, and finally install a front path. It’s been a gradual process and other things have taken priority, but it’s finally looking like a garden. I thought I’d share a few photos of the front garden over the years.


I made this collage quite a few years ago when I intended to have an ongoing blog series about the garden. This is 2012 and as you can see it’s pretty overgrown and there’s only concrete stepping stones for a front path. The yellow is where we had started to poison the lawn we wanted gone.


2012 once we had begun to remove the lawn and vegetation.


2013- preparing the ground for our path. We’d planted out the left hand garden, but it was a little overgrown from Summer – being fair skinned with freckles we don’t do much in the garden in Summer.


The front path went in early this year and I planted the garden out in April. This was taken a few weeks back.


And this is it today.




2007 – today. There’s still a lot more to do; my next task is to dig out the grass between the path and the stepping stones and plant it out. I prefer a cottage style garden and don’t really give a lot of thought when planting other than position, water requirements and when they flower.  The pot plants are only there as we are currently re-touching the deck. The green waste bin will find a new home soon. Even though there’s still a lot to do – I’ve only shown you the most established corner – over the past few weeks people have complimented the garden and really noticed the difference which has been nice.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of favourite plants that are currently flowering, but I’ll save those for another post.

Thanks for reading!

December Printables – December Calendar cards

Aside from going a little silly gathering a nice stash of Christmas supplies for my December Daily®, I also enjoy making digital cards to print out. Last year I offered a few of them on my blog for free, which you can find here, and this year I’ll be doing the same, yay!

December Calendar 3×4 Cards

These are an update of last years cards. I’ve aligned the dates to the correct days, have also added new colour schemes, and retired some others. Gold was a request, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out (expect to see more gold on upcoming cards).

There are eight colour schemes all up; gold/black, red/black, red/green, dark green/red, lighter green/red, teal/red/, mint/pink, pink/mint, so hopefully there is something for everyone. If you ask very nicely I may be able to accommodate requests.

You can download the PDF’s ready to print and cut out, or if you download the ZIP file you’ll receive each card in jpg and png format, plus the PDF in letter and A4. As always I really appreciate comments and pins, and I’d love to see a picture if you use them.


PDF A4 | PDF Letter | ZIP (26mb) |