Jot Mood board challenge

I’ve been stuck in a scrappy rut of late. Whenever I pull my Project Life album out to work on I find myself staring at the blank or unfinished pages, then just walking away. I needed to do something similar but different enough to challenge me. Enter the Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge.

I love Jot magazine, it’s free, it’s full of pretty layouts, and they compile monthly mood boards which are great for inspiration. I always look at the boards and think ‘one month I’ll try a layout’. Well the month arrived for two reasons; I really love the colours of the mood board and right away knew which photos would be perfect for them, and then I saw Aimee from Betwixt and Between’s layout and was completely inspired.


I decided to do an 8×8 layout rather than 12×12 as I’m trying to move away from 12×12 albums. I’ve reached my capacity to store them so starting another 12×12 seemed silly, so I grabbed a Heidi Swapp for Project Life 8×8 instead.


I went into this project with no real direction other than I knew I wanted to use photos from the beach, and lots of watercolour. I started by choosing the photos and deciding on their layout, then put together the journaling.

I painted watercolour stripes on a piece of cardstock, then once it had dried, I printed a map of the Mornington Peninsula onto it to add a bit of detail, you can’t really see it in the photos, but it’s there. Next I cut up the watercolour paper, mounted the journaling on one piece and used another behind the photo.


From there it was just pulling together some papers and elements from my stash that I felt tied in with the board and the theme and feel of my photos. I punched a few tabs using my WRMK punch to add a bit more depth and also stamped some of the papers with an empty tealight candle dipped in ink, and splattered some black watercolour on others. The water colours themselves are pearlescent so the layout has a nice shimmer in person.


I really enjoyed creating this and forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone. I used to scrap 12×12 but never really did this kind of layout as it all seemed a bit daunting. I am definitely inspired to do some more!


Free digital watercolour brushes for Photoshop and Elements


Today I’m revisiting an older set of free digital cards I made in March 2014. My watercolour splatter cards are one of the most popular posts on this website, and one of my most pinned photos. I was quite pleased when I designed these as I created the watercolour splatters myself, then turned them into Photoshop brushes. I still use these in various projects and thought my readers might have a use for them too.

You’ll need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to use them, and can create anything you like with them for personal use; think pocket scrapbooking cards, digital scrapbooking, planner stickers, and blog headers.

The zip file contains an ABR file with a set of 9 brushes. You can see the sorts of splatters you’ll receive in the graphic above and by viewing the original card post. If you aren’t sure how to install and use the brushes click the following links for Photoshop and Elements.

>>Download them here<<

I hope you enjoy them!



Project Lists – Free printable


Hello! Today’s freebie is a plain and simple project list to help get your projects organised. I have a lot of projects on the go right now, ranging from scrapbooking, to decluttering, to external house painting and needed a simple way to keep track of the tasks I need to do. The list is really simple and will serve as a fast way to get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to paper.

There are two lists included in the PDF, both in A5 size which fit my Kikki-K large planner perfectly.

  • Project Master List – with checkboxes to tick projects off on completion
  • Project List – with a task list and checkboxes

If your printer cannot print on A5 paper (or you don’t have any) download the A4 PDF. If you’d like this list in another size, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

>> Project List A4 | Project List A5 <<

Thanks for reading!



Catching up on Project Life – Update

It’s been over a month since I posted my plan to catch up on Project Life, so it’s time for an update. Did I succeed in completing all my layouts in two weeks? Truthfully, no. Life happens and I was delayed. However I did complete 80% of it and am feeling much better about where my album is up to. I’m still not up to date, but I’m working on it.


I’m finding lately that when it comes to scrapbooking I’m struggling with too much inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing what other people come up with, but I’m also prone to compare which then knocks my own confidence around a bit. I’m not sure how one really goes about fixing this, other than to have faith in yourself and accept that you are good enough and just do what you want to do. My husband always says the best way to overcome obstacles like self-doubt is to just do, and even if what you do isn’t quite up to your expectation, it’s better than doing nothing. Since he adopted that attitude he’s finished quite a few novels, so I think it’s good advice to take. I’ll leave you with this quote I’ve been pondering on this week.


Catching up on Project Life


I’m rather behind with Project Life and being laid up with morning sickness for two months hasn’t helped me catch up. We already know this so I won’t ramble on about it, instead I’ll tell you my plan to do something about it.

Enter the Collect App

A lot of people praise Collect and for good reason. This nifty iPhone app keeps track of your daily photos and creates print ready cards on export. The cards are either 3×4 or 6×4 and feature your photo, the date, and any journaling you added. The layout is clean and there’s a few styles to choose from. For my catch up plan I’m using the 3×4 sized cards.

Note: I have the paid app. Some of the features I talk about may not be available in the free version. Check which features are available to you if you have the free version and want to follow my plan.

The Plan

1. Sort out your photos. If you’re really far behind you may have already deleted photos from your phone. I only had from June onwards on my phone, but fortunately I’d already sorted my April and May photos into weekly folders on my PC, and tagged the ones I wanted to use. I used iTunes to sync these photos back onto my phone.

2. I mainly used Instagram photos to make the process less time consuming, but if you need to edit your photos, do that now. I like apps such as Pic Tap Go and Little Moments for editing and adding filters.

3. Open the Collect app and start adding your photos and journaling. I did this step yesterday and it took around two hours to add 150 photos into the app with journaling.

4. Export your photos to your camera roll. I think you need the paid app to do this.

5. Upload the photos to your computer. (If you print from your phone, you’re on your own until step 8. You’ll need to use an app like PicFrame to put 2 3×4’s onto a 6×4 canvas, then print from there)

6. Prepare your photos for printing. I put two 3×4 cards onto one 6×4 canvas using a free program called Photosheet. This program is easy to use; you drag and drop all your 3×4 cards into one side, specify what you want to output selecting 6×4 as the size and Grid 2 as the layout, choose where you’d like to save the photos and a minute or so later you’ll have all your 6×4’s ready to print.

7. Decide how you are printing. I am set up to print at home, but as I had 75 photos to print I uploaded them to my local Camera House.

8. Yay you have your physical photos! Once you have your photos, you’ll need to cut them all in half if you are using 3×4 pocket pages, then it’s just a matter of slipping them into pockets, adding filler cards, embellishment, and additional journaling.

Of course the last step is probably the most time consuming of the lot, and is where I am up to now. I’ll update on my progress in a few days as I’m determined to have my Project Life up to date before I embark on Ali Edward’s Week in the Life in a couple of weeks time.


Photos waiting to be sliced up and put into pockets.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro for my plan is that it’s allowed me to get a lot of photos off to the printer and into an album in a small amount of time. The journaling is attached to the photos and my memories are preserved. The Collect cards have white space so there is room to stamp and further embellish them. I’ve also seen people cut them out and mount them on patterned paper to add more colour.

The cons though, are that you will have much smaller photos than you may have had when completing pages other ways. I usually print 4×4 photos which will probably be more pleasurable to look at and stand out more than these pages when I flip through the albums in the future. I’ve also found from previous layouts I’ve done using these cards is there can almost be too much white space if you aren’t prepared to add a bit of embellishment here and there. That said I was almost at the point of giving up on this year’s album, so the cons are outweighed for me.

Why the Collect App? Why not the Project Life App?

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I didn’t use the PL app. The PL app is great, but there’s a few reasons I haven’t used it in my catch up plan;

  1. Most of my photos are square. Before I could use them in a standard pocket I’d need to use another app to put them on a 3×4 or 4×6 card, thus making the process longer.
  2. Printing. The cost of printing one 12×12 is expensive compared to what I pay for 6 4×6’s. If I printed 12×12 I’d then need to purchase pockets for them.
  3. I have a lot of digital collections on my PC but not in the app, and to put them all in dropbox was more work than I wanted.
  4. I still want to use my physical products!

So there you have it! I hope this post is useful to someone else who is feeling quite daunted about how far behind they are. Let’s get that mojo back!