Heidi Swapp and photo albums


I’d been feeling rather sorry for myself at the beginning of the week; I had a cold, I’d hurt my back which made doing anything rather than standing hunched over unpleasant, and it looked like I was going to miss out on meeting Heidi Swapp as part of her Spotlight tour. Boo.

On Wednesday morning I was feeling much better on the cold front, and my back was better than the previous day, so I decided I would go. I hadn’t arranged for someone to look after Elijah so along he came with us.


I’m so glad I went. Heidi is really personable and I found myself nodding a long with quite a lot of what she was saying. I also love that she’s so hands on. She showed us her newer products, and put together one of her lovely marquee letters which was really useful for me given I have an unopened R here that I was scared I’d muck up. We all were able to make the mini booklet above which used bits and pieces from her new Memory Dex system, and Wanderlust range. I’m going to use mine to pop the photos from the day in, along with my journaling, then slot it into my weekly Project Life spread.


We were also all given a raffle ticket for the chance to win signed prints designed and created by Heidi and Amy Tan (of Amy Tangerine). I was so excited when I won them! The photos don’t do them justice as they are gold foil and a bit hard to photograph. They’re so shiny and pretty in person and 8.5×11 inches each. I’m going to frame them for my craft room wall. I didn’t get to meet Amy, who was also on tour, as she didn’t make it to my local store. I had been really disappointed about this, but winning her print made it a bit better.


Something Heidi spoke about that really had me nodding in agreement, was album sizes. She said how people use all kinds of albums these days; minis, journals, their planner etc and how she thinks the smaller albums are nicer to hold and flip through. As a 12×12 Project Lifer and previous 12×12 scrapper I have to agree with this and it really cemented to me what I have been thinking for a while; I don’t like 12×12 albums. I find them cumbersome to work with, a real pain to store as they always hang out of my bookshelves, and a bit of a balancing act to look through.

When I first began scrapbooking in 2001, I started with a 8.5×11 inch album. Of all my old scrapbook albums it’s my favourite to look back through simply because it’s not big, heavy and cumbersome. I’m not sure now why my subsequent albums were all 12×12’s. Perhaps it was easier to find refills, perhaps I liked fitting more photos in. After falling behind in 12×12 scrapbooking, I did make a few little albums in notebooks, but then I stopped all scrapping until 2013 when I dived into Project Life. From the start I did wonder how I was going to store all the 12×12 albums if I did years worth, but I pushed that aside and soldiered on. My December Daily’s are both in 6×8’s and I really love how they feel in the hand, but they’re probably too small for daily use. My friend Essie has used several 4×4’s and they really are sweet little albums. I’m currently waiting for one to arrive for a pressed flower album I want to begin (more on that later!).

At the beginning of the year I squashed the voice of doubt in my head and began another 12×12 album. I really think this is the reason I’m now so far behind; my heart just isn’t in that size. I’m not about to start again though so on I plod, but I will try some smaller albums for other purposes this year, and rethink what I’ll use for PL 2016.

So meeting Heidi was a pleasure, and it definitely has me thinking about albums and constraints. Did you meet Heidi or Amy? What size album did you go for this year? Do you secretly dislike 12×12 as well?


This photo makes me laugh. Aside from the fact that the camera focused on the background, Heidi had picked Elijah up for me because of my back, and was tickling him to get him to laugh.


Thursday Three – Edition Three


Hunting for eggs at kinder.

Given how completely overboard I go with Christmas decorating, it may surprise you to know I don’t get carried away at Easter. I think Easter decorating is really only starting to become something you might do in Australia. More and more shops sell decorations, so I expect we will see more Easter decorating going on in the not so far future. The last couple of years I have decorated the mantle piece, and I will do that again this year, although I’m fast running out of time. Today’s edition of Thursday Three is a collection of Easter decorations you can make yourself.

1. Elijah recently enjoyed potato stamping at kinder, and I think he would love to stamp eggs everywhere. Crafty Morning as some cute ideas for Easter themed stamping.

2. Willow day has a tutorial to make adorable Easter basket pillows.

3. Lastly, I love this hessian table runner from Eclectically Vintage. I have some in the cupboard and might make a mantle piece sized version.

Marigolds and seed saving

It was a glorious Autumn day on Saturday, perfect for pottering in the garden, harvesting the last few of the vegetables, and pulling up the summer vegetable garden.
While pulling out the marigolds I noticed they were laden with thousands of seeds.
Elijah and I sat on the lawn together and harvested…

…and harvested.

Until we had a bag filled with thousands of seeds.

Some of these seeds will be planted in punnets in the green house in late winter, ready to plant with the tomatoes come late spring. Others will be packaged up and given to our fellow seed saving friends.

This is only our second year of serious seed saving. In the past we've saved broad beans, but now we have the greenhouse I feel compelled to save everything we can, because we have so much more room to raise them. If we end up with more seedlings than we need, we can share them with family and friends, or go to our local food swap. I'm really excited about what we will grow this year.


Thursday Three – Edition Two


Welcome to this weeks edition of Thursday Three which is all about crochet. I’m currently working on finishing a crochet beret by end of March that, according to my Ravelry project page, I began in February 2011. That’s quite a while for a small project!


  1.  Do you want to crochet the same beret? The pattern is free and found on the Berroco site.
  2. Lucy from Attic24 is one of my favourite crochet bloggers. The majority of my crochet projects are from patterns and tutorials that she has kindly created for her readers. This week, she unveiled a project so beautiful I gasped. Have a look at her beautiful Winter Wreath.
  3. Have you always wanted to crochet, but just don’t know where to start? Why not start where I did with Pip from Meet Me at Mikes’ fantastic video granny square tutorials.

That’s it for this week! Do you crochet? What projects have you got hiding in the cupboard?







Thursday Three – Edition One

Over the years I’ve made many attempts at having some regular features to mainly train myself to consistently blog more. There have been sporadic ones like ‘stop pinning, start doing’, project type ones like ‘Stashbusting 2014′, and the downright silly which was when I came up with a topic a day which lasted all of a week; think Menu Monday, Fabric Friday etc. One that haunts me the most is when I would make a weekly colour themed photo mosaic of inspiring crafts from Flickr… those images are still being pinned despite the actual posts (and all the photo credits :/) being long gone in one of my great blog tidy ups.

I’ve been revisiting a lot of my old content (both live, and archived) lately looking for ideas for regular posts. I used to take part in a meme called Thursday Thirteen way back in 2005/6. Every Thursday you would list thirteen things on the theme they’ve given you. I loved that meme and had a blog just for my lists. I’ve decided to run with that, but reduce the list to the more manageable three. So in essence, yep, this will be a good old weekly link post and if you read through all my waffle to establish this, congratulations. I always avoided them because a lot of the blogs I read do them but lately I’ve realised that while lots of people do weekly link lists, they’re all so different because of each bloggers personality.

Welcome to Edition One of Thursday Three


This week’s Thursday Three is all about printables given we know how much I love making those.

1.  Ever wanted to create printables but don’t know where to start? Have a read of this excellent article by Elegance and Enchantment.

2. Need free fonts that are ok for commercial use? I get a lot of mine from Font Squirrel. If you’re looking for paid fonts for the extra wow factor, there are some really lovely ones available at Creative Market.

3. Looking for something to print?  If organisation is your intent have a look at the huge amount of printables Mique from 30 Handmade Days has for you. If you’re after something bright and colourful for the kids you must have a look at the free printables on the Mr P site and be prepared to use up all your ink.  I’ve also curated a lot of random printables on my Pinterest Printables board over the years.

Do you offer printables on your site? Why not add yourself to my link up?

A word of caution when it comes to creating printables. Sites such as Creative Market sell lovely graphics such as the floral ones on this website, however you can’t always use those for free printables. I’ve asked several designers if I can use their graphics for freebies, but they have said no, the license doesn’t cover freebies and is intended more for websites, and pre-printed items you sell, such as invitations. Also note that many graphics are for use in a single project. Do your research before assuming that just because you bought it, you can use it.