Project Life Week Two

Yes, week two! I’ve fallen a little bit behind because my attention has been focused on decluttering the house and repainting our bedroom. The painting is done, but the tidying and sorting is still a huge work in progress. I did make some time to start catching up on Project Life, because if I get too far behind I can see myself not bothering to catch up, and I’ll regret that later!

For week two I fell back to a style I’m most comfortable with, which is labels, underlined writing, and white space. I do think there’s a bit too much white space on this one, but I didn’t really have ideas on how to add much more to it, so white it is.


I used some of my mists as a bit of an experiment, and while I do like the shiny result, I find them a bit annoying in that you can’t really control them. I might try using them with a brush in the coming weeks.


This was a sad week for me as we spent a lot of time cleaning out my grandparent’s house but there were some nice moments. Do you like the vintage ballet prints? I have to fight with a huntsman for those, quite an achievement for me given my fear of them! You can see I went a bit mist crazy on the week in review card and I don’t really love it! I’m also putting it out there that I don’t love enamel dots. I can never seem to use them in a way that doesn’t seem like an afterthought. I might need to look at some inspiration for those as I have quite a few to use.

If you like my little blue labels, keep your eye on The Red Wren, as I’ll be putting them up as a freebie in the blue and other colours later this week.

Thanks for reading!



Magic and tidying up?

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything of consequence, and appear to have pretty much done nothing for weeks and weeks on end… this is partly true; I haven’t blogged about much, however behind the scenes I have been tackling a rather large project.

A little while ago I started to read Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. (*this is not an affiliate link, I popped a link in purely so you can see what the book is about)  I initially saw someone post something about the ‘konmari’ method of tidying on Instagram and became intrigued because this woman had reduced her clothing by three quarters in an evening. It isn’t long since I last decluttered, but I still felt cluttered, my clothes were stuffed in drawers, the washing piling up, my craft room.. well let’s not even talk about my craft room. I needed a change, I needed a challenge, so I grabbed a copy of the book and started reading.

Marie Kondo approaches decluttering in a different way the the myriad of decluttering and sorting books I’ve read in the past. Her basic principle is that to have something in your home it must spark joy. Obviously you need to define your own joy on some items (toilet paper for example) but your home wouldn’t be particularly joyous without it! In order to know if object spark joy it’s necessary to pile them up in one place and then hold them one by one.. it sounds silly, but so far I have donated 15 shopping bags of clothes, several freezer bags of jewellery, 80 books (including all my beloved declutter books), and put all my paperwork in order. Considering I donated several bags of clothes and books back in October this was rather eye opening.


A portion on the donate pile.

I haven’t finished all the categories that Marie suggests yet, and some will be harder for me than others (childhood sentimental items in particular), but I am feeling much more energised as far as the home goes and am looking forward to a space that is less ‘full’ and allows me to just get out some fabric and sew, or catch up on Project Life without battling with my craft room to get the things I need. It’s definitely changing my mindset about what I want in the house as well. If you’re battling with stuff I highly recommend this book as anyone who has chatted to me of late will know.


Empty drawers! I also have half empty drawers for the first time ever!

How about you? Are any of you using the Konmari method? How are you finding it?





Mini succulent gardens


Many years ago I had a wonderful succulent collection potted up in sweet little pots, and dressed in coloured stones. Years later most of those succulents are still surviving in a rather overgrown state at my parents’ house. They were always intended to make it to this house when I moved in, but never did, and I moved in from succulents to cottage plants and vegetables. Lately I’ve been wanting a little succulent garden again, and I’ve been enjoying photos my friend Lauren has sharing of hers, so today I set about making some…


How sweet is the tricycle? It’s only a few inches tall and has a couple of tiny plants in the back.


I recently emptied a felt toadstool garden that had collected far too much dust out of this container. It’s perfect for this little garden.


This one if for Elijah. He chose the wheelbarrow and rake, most of the plants, and helped put the rocks on which was definitely his favourite part of the planting! I’m using it as a centrepiece on the outdoor setting, but he can still reach it to rake rocks, fill his wheelbarrow and empty it again. I’m anticipating a car or train might find its way in here.



Project Life – Week One

Week One. My layout isn’t quite as simple as I intended. There’s nothing fancy about it, but typing on vellum, cutting it up, stapling it on, using 12×12 paper which I had to cut up.. it was all time consuming and didn’t really turn out how I envisaged in the end. I’m still torn as to what the best way to capture my journaling is and think that trying to force it into being one way isn’t going to work for me. I’m also still wondering if this is my favourite pocket configuration.. time will tell!



















Keen observers will note that my title card isn’t the one I posted about in my Project Life 2015 post. I liked it a lot, but in use I didn’t. I ended up changing the font (windblown song in case you are curious), removed week altogether and enlarged the week number as it is the more crucial piece of information I think. I then changed the font on the week in review card to match.



















The background papers are from a paper pad I picked up at Aldi when I first started PL. They almost perfectly match WRMK ‘Chalkboard’ cards which is what the 2×4 cards are from, minus the Eleanor Roosevelt quote which I found on the net.

I used my typewriter to type up week in review and the synchronicity card. I like how it turns out, but I’m not sure if I prefer it to writing. I need a bit more practice.

How are you going with PL this year? Did you decide on a certain style this year? Is it working for you?




Project Life- the cover

This is my second Project Life album cover. I did something similar last year and decided to keep the basic concept the same which is that everyday is an adventure. We don’t have grand plans to travel this year, but we do have a new greenhouse and plenty of renovating to do around the house, so I tried to capture ‘adventure at home’ as a theme.


I created the cover as a 12×12 in Photoshop, ran a script to divide it into four 6×4’s, then printed at home. The photo is taken in our front yard and if you look closely you’ll see Cinders the cat even made it in.

I have finally put 2014 to bed. I only blogged up to around week 36, but you can see all the layouts here if you wish.


Background paper, hello flag, and something wonderful card are freebies from Kristin Cronin-Barrow at Sweet Shop Designs.

Script to divide up a 12×12 is from here however I cannot find the actual post.