I noticed a chain of origami hearts at a friend’s home last weekend and decided that was just what I needed to add some cheer to the lounge room.


It started with a few hearts, then quickly became a whole pile.


The instructions I used can be found here.

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Gee, it’s a been a while since I updated hasn’t it? Truth be told, I’ve spent most of my crafty time on Project Life (which I blog about here) and hadn’t sewn for months and months. I purchased Christmas fabric back in July, and really should have followed through on the urge to sew and sew then, as I really wanted to use up my Christmas stash, but left it far too late.


First up I made a cover for a bolster insert. I used Noodlehead’s tutorial, just adding more squares to make it big enough and changing the way it closed. I used Kate Spain’s In From the Cold line and am very pleased with the result.



Next up is a matching cushion using the same like. The bigger pieces came from a panel that was supposed to make placemats or a runner, but I didn’t really need placemats, and had other fabric for a runner, so I used some here.


Photographed rather poorly we have a pair of stockings whipped up from the In from the Cold stocking panel. I really like the patchwork one, but the other is a bit plain. I may embellish it this Christmas.


Lastly we have a runner for the hall table made using charm squares from Kate Spain’s ‘Joy’ collection. I threw this together really quickly, but it’s my favourite of all the things I made. I really brightens up the hall. It matches my star garlands (below) perfectly which I didn’t realise until I put it in place.


Hopefully I’ll have more sewing to share soon. I keep seeing the economy block along on Instagram (#economyblockalong in case you’d like to join in too) and I’m quite keen to make some economy blocks to use up stash.

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Elijah is at that age where he just loves to draw, but he's a bit rough on the old crayons. I was getting sick of putting lots of crayons bits back in their container each week, so luckily this project that is all over the Internet came to mind.

A lot of the examples I've seen of this use silicon baking ware to melt the crayons in and had I had some I think that would be the better option. I used a mini muffin tray which suffered a huge beating when it was time to get the crayons out, and the red crayons stained it. The end result is cute though!

How to melt crayons;

If you want to try this at home just round up your broken crayons, pick something oven safe to melt them in, fill it with pieces (next time I'm going to mix some colours up for rainbow crayons), then melt at 160'C for roughly ten minutes. Cool completely, the pop them out and enjoy!



When I was girl I always enjoyed sewing clothes for my dolls. I know a lot of little girls, but for some silly reason I haven’t sewn for them. Last week I whipped up a dress on a whim for my cousin’s daughter. I can’t show you that dress because she hasn’t seen it yet, but I can show you this weekend’s effort.


This dress is a donation for a charity auction to be held on Facebook tomorrow night. You can visit this page for details.

I’m on a roll now and will be making a very limited collection of baby Christmas dresses over the coming months for my store.

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I finished Elijah’s quilt just in time for his birthday.


I ended up simply quilting in the ditch around the sashing as I wanted the quilt to feel squishy rather than sort of stiff. I used a loftier batting than usual and it was not much fun at all to quilt!


I think this is my best binding ever! I used a strip folded in half and it worked really well.


Overall I’m very happy with this quilt.

Fabric: Outfoxed Collection by Lizzy House.

What I’m not so wrapped with is my photos. I’m still learning how to use my EOS650D and find I’m not great at taking photos of fabric. Garden and people, not so bad, but a craft project.. anyone have any tips for me?

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The first time I saw Outfoxed by Lizzy House I knew I had to make a quilt. I find a simple pattern in a quilting magazine that would feature the prints, then hastily ordered my fabric. A few months later I began to doubt that my fabric was ever going to arrive, so I ordered it again. Two weeks later both orders arrived, the former having passed through every country possible as ‘Australia’ was missing from the address.


Alas three months had passed and my excitement for this quilt had been replaced by excitement for Christmas sewing and the fabric sat in my stash.
A few months back I cut the fabric out and this weekend I finally sewed the top! I am so happy with how it looks. I’m a bit scared to quilt it in case I make a mess!



A few months ago I shared the finished top for my marmalade runner. I can finally share the complete project; hooray!

Marmalade Table Runner

When I first purchased the marmalade charm pack I had no idea where I’d put whatever I made because it was so ‘pretty’ and we tend to not have a lot of ‘pretty’ around. My first thought was a mat to go under the sewing machine, but that felt like a waste of nice fabric, so it became a runner and it now lives on my old dresser.


I love the backing fabric. The colours are a bit off here, but its a gorgeous light grey which contrasts wonderfully with the pink and green.

I used thinsulbrite instead of regular batting should I ever wish to use it as a regular table runner. It certainly adds some colour to the room!

Fabric: Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille.

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A lot of my projects are waiting at present. Waiting to be finished, waiting for another one to be finished so it can be started, waiting for my motivation to sew bias binding on to return. We know I don’t like bias binding, I’ve mentioned it before. One must question why I continue to make things that require it.


Chevron runner; quilted, and waiting.


Pot holders and coasters; quilted, and waiting..

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This is Elijah’s second Easter. Last year he was too young for chocolate so I just gave him a little bunny I made. I’m not a religious person, so Easter doesn’t have a lot of meaning to me in that sense. I celebrate it as a family day where we receive a bit of chocolate and that’s about it. I do like family traditions though and this year we started ‘pyjamas for Easter’.


I made these with some flannelette from spotlight last winter and simply appliqued a train onto a store bought top. I tried out piped cuffs for the first time and was very pleased with the result. Look!


Not bad for 9:30pm on a Saturday night! Next time I’ll attach it differently so there’s no visible stitching, but for a pair of pj’s I’m more than happy with this one.


Col and I like to have an egg hunt; a tradition we started in 2011 when I was pregnant with Elijah. This year was fun as Elijah actively took part and used this little basket I made him to store his eggs.


Egg hunt! He wanted to unwrap and eat the eggs right away, but he thought the bunnies were for playing with and hopped them around the grass.

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It’s taken me a long time to get back into sewing after Christmas. I didn’t touch the machine for two months; it was too hot, my sewing room was too messy, and I had no motivation were among the excuses. Now that the weather has cooled off I’ve been sewing up a storm.

This isn’t a finished project, but I’m so pleased with it thus far, that I just had to share.


I’ve used one pack of ‘Marmalade’ charm squares by Bonnie and Camille. It’s going to be a runner which I’ll quilt along the zig zags then bind with an off white binding.

Now on to something I’m not happy with.


This table runner started out really well. I love the fabric which is Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House. I love the pattern which can be found here at Spool Sewing. What went wrong was sheer laziness on my behalf.

First I decided I’d just back it with a piece of cotton so it wouldn’t be too spongy on the table. But in reality the cotton was too thin. Because I just used cotton I didn’t bind it, which wouldn’t be a problem if there was a bit more body to it, but without that body I’ve essentially made a giant napkin. Every time I walk past it I think ‘Urgh!’ What I suspect I’ll end up doing is cutting off the edges, putting a layer of wadding in, and binding it.

The quick way is often not the best way!

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