The Front Yard

I used to be quite diligent when it came to blogging about my garden, but somewhere along the way I became less and less so. I guess that happened once I was blogging less and less, so let’s rectify this.

When we moved in, in 2007, the house had a fairly sparse garden. We began to add to it; more plants, veggie patches, fruit trees, and it started to look nice. But then either through bad planning, lack of motivation, pregnancy, a new born.. the garden became rather overgrown, full of weeds and not very pretty at all.

In 2012 we began a project to fix it up, turn more lawn into beds, and finally install a front path. It’s been a gradual process and other things have taken priority, but it’s finally looking like a garden. I thought I’d share a few photos of the front garden over the years.


I made this collage quite a few years ago when I intended to have an ongoing blog series about the garden. This is 2012 and as you can see it’s pretty overgrown and there’s only concrete stepping stones for a front path. The yellow is where we had started to poison the lawn we wanted gone.


2012 once we had begun to remove the lawn and vegetation.


2013- preparing the ground for our path. We’d planted out the left hand garden, but it was a little overgrown from Summer – being fair skinned with freckles we don’t do much in the garden in Summer.


The front path went in early this year and I planted the garden out in April. This was taken a few weeks back.


And this is it today.




2007 – today. There’s still a lot more to do; my next task is to dig out the grass between the path and the stepping stones and plant it out. I prefer a cottage style garden and don’t really give a lot of thought when planting other than position, water requirements and when they flower.  The pot plants are only there as we are currently re-touching the deck. The green waste bin will find a new home soon. Even though there’s still a lot to do – I’ve only shown you the most established corner – over the past few weeks people have complimented the garden and really noticed the difference which has been nice.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of favourite plants that are currently flowering, but I’ll save those for another post.

Thanks for reading!

December Printables – December Calendar cards

Aside from going a little silly gathering a nice stash of Christmas supplies for my December Daily®, I also enjoy making digital cards to print out. Last year I offered a few of them on my blog for free, which you can find here, and this year I’ll be doing the same, yay!

December Calendar 3×4 Cards

These are an update of last years cards. I’ve aligned the dates to the correct days, have also added new colour schemes, and retired some others. Gold was a request, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out (expect to see more gold on upcoming cards).

There are eight colour schemes all up; gold/black, red/black, red/green, dark green/red, lighter green/red, teal/red/, mint/pink, pink/mint, so hopefully there is something for everyone. If you ask very nicely I may be able to accommodate requests.

You can download the PDF’s ready to print and cut out, or if you download the ZIP file you’ll receive each card in jpg and png format, plus the PDF in letter and A4. As always I really appreciate comments and pins, and I’d love to see a picture if you use them.


PDF A4 | PDF Letter | ZIP (26mb) |


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The stores have decorations out, and the supermarkets are selling puddings and mince pies; Christmas is fast approaching and I thought I’d share my Christmas crafty plans.


As usual I have a big list of crafty things I want to make for Christmas. I have just finished a rather large craft room/study reorganisation and declutter which involved scrutinising a lot of my fabric and either committing to use it, or selling it. I couldn’t bear to part with many of my Christmas fabrics so there is a lot of sewing to be done! On my list of Christmas themed things to make for our home this year are;

♥ A picnic quilt to take to all our Christmas functions
♥ A mini quilt for Elijah to keep him warm at night events
♥ A set of placemats
♥ A poinsettia skirt for me (yep…)
♥ PJ pants for Elijah
♥ Applique t-shirts for Elijah
♥ Decorations – an advent calendar, felt ornaments, garlands
♥ A hexagon cushion cover (that I should have started 6 months ago)
♥ A matching tea towel, pot holder set.

Like all years I probably won’t get everything on this list done, but I do hope to make a big dint in the fabric stash. The picnic quilt is my first priority.


After getting a little carried away with December Daily® supplies for this year, I have an abundance of Christmas paper! Plans for my surplus are:
♥ Handmade Christmas cards and tags
♥ Some sewing garlands similar to what I made here, but lengths of stars and no doilies!


The big one which really needs a post of it’s own, and will get one shortly. I’m going to be undertaking December Daily® again this year as I really enjoyed it last year and love having an album to look back on. I’ll be using a 6×8 Snap album again this year for the daily part, but to further complicate the project and make more work for myself, I have a Christmas planner from Stampin’ Up that has sections perfect for photos of craft, entertaining, wrapping.. all the Christmassy things I jammed into last year’s album that made it so thick it doesn’t shut! The bonus of the planner is that I can also use it to, you know.. plan. Additionally I’ll do my weekly Project Life spreads in my Project Life album.. I may do these digitally as I can pre-set them all up then just add photos and a bit of journaling at the end of each week, there’s also the added bonus of using some of my digital supplies. Lastly, I’ll be making and releasing a lot of digital freebies on the blog that you can use in your own Christmas albums. I’m in the process of updating last year’s calendar cards so check back if you want to grab one for this year! That’s all my free time for the next 10 weeks taken care of! What Christmas crafty plans do you have?

Week 35

Where does the time go? I’m a couple of weeks behind, again, but that’s ok. Week 35, what can I say about this week.. this is one of these weeks where all looks good on ‘paper’. I have pretty photos, I went to pretty places, if you follow me on sites like Instagram then it looks like my week was just rosy. But it wasn’t.

We are having issues with a neighbour and what this week’s layout doesn’t show is my crepe myrtle snapped off at ground level, the eggs running down the windows that I arrived home to after a lovely day at the Rhododendron Gardens, the foul mouthed abuse that’s been hurled at us. As a result I wasn’t really enthusiastic about this week, or the weeks to follow which I’m also yet to complete because I’ve been too busy finding things to do that involve me being away from the house. Things fortunately seem to have settled now and hopefully they stay that way as I have a tonne of Christmas sewing to start, and I’m already thinking about December Daily. (oh who am I kidding, I’m already buying things for DD!)

I kept this week simple using homemade cards and labels. The cards will be available on here shortly, I want to add a couple of 3×4’s to the collection first.


I tried to just ‘let go’ and write however I felt like without stressing about my imperfect handwriting. I think adding the wonky lines helps make it look more intentional.


There really isn’t a lot to say… if you look closely you’ll see the Highlights card says ‘turn over for the lowlights.’ I felt that I needed to journal about what was happening to us, but it’s already taken up a lot of my mind and time, so I didn’t want to make it a ‘feature’ on my layout.

The real point of this post, is the illusion that can be created online, especially with people you don’t know in person. My close friends know that we’ve been having a rough time, that my anxiety is through the roof, but to the casual observer it looks like I live a life of lattes and flowers with a perfectly behaved toddler. Most people aren’t living the perfect lives they portray online, and I think it’s really important to remember that.

Until next time x

The National Rhododendron Gardens

This blog has always had the intent to be about life, and many moons ago I used to blog about interesting places we have visited. I plan to post more of these sorts of posts now that my content is all under the one blog.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 28 42

Tucked away in the Dandenongs are the National Rhododendron Gardens, and if you haven’t been yet and are local, I recommend you go. They primarily feature, you guessed it, rhododendrons, as well as many deciduous trees, evergreens, natives, proteas, and azaleas.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 18 51

There’s a small lake, running stream, and lots of paths to spend hours exploring. The views on a clear day are just lovely.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 21 39

Our primary reason for visiting the gardens aside from their beauty, is that they are free to enter, and once in, Elijah can run around and explore. There’s stone ladybirds to search for, as well as lots of interesting fallen leaves, pinecones, and big rocks perfect for little ones to sit on.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 34 58

Last week a lot of the Rhodoendrons and Magnolias were about to burst into flower and in a few weeks time they will be spectacular. Mum and I are planning to visit again in a week or two to see them.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 22 48

Elijah just loves this telephone box. It’s connected to another one with a pipe which you can talk to each other through.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 32 20

There’s a free Family Fun day in April each year which we’ve now been to twice. There’s lots of activities for kids to do and is a great day out.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 24 06

Have you been to the Rhododendron Gardens?