On reassessing Project Life

Hello! Do you have a hobby that feels like a chore? That’s how I feel about Project Life at present. I’m so far behind that the mere thought of trying to catch up sends me running towards another task. I was having trouble sleeping a couple of nights ago, and while mulling over some things, I realised what has gone ‘wrong’ with Project life for me. Below are some of my earliest layouts. These particular ones are hybrid as I tended to mainly do hybrid in the beginning. While they aren’t necessarily the style I would choose to do now, they are real snapshots of the week, that not only give a bit of information about what we did, but they very much talk about things I liked, things Elijah said…



Move on to the layouts I’m creating 18 months later and it’s all very ‘today we did this..’ and rather than letting some of the photos speak for themselves I seem to have to explain everything. I don’t know when this shift happened, but even though I’m probably including more journaling now, I was including more interesting journaling back then. I love looking back on these 2013 layouts.

It’s given me something to ponder and think about, and as I play catch up on the past 20 weeks I’ll be very much trying to achieve layouts that I think will be interesting to me in 5, 10, 30 years time, rather than something I’ve rushed out in order to catch up, or the journaling is at the expense of embellishment.

How do you overcome Project Life slumps?


Blog Everyday in May – the who was I kidding edition.

So I’ve proven that at this exact point in life, blogging everyday is presenting quite a few challenges for me. I could sit down, write a few posts at a time, schedule them, and they’ll appear like magic everyday, but to me the challenge was about more than that; it was/is about making time daily for those posts and I’d feel like I was cheating myself if  scheduled posts (which is something I often do). We had a rough week with various sick (not seriously) family members, which put blogging further down my list.

I’ve looked back over the prompts I haven’t done yet, and have chosen to do Day 16’s prompt today, because it’s a nice one.

Day 16
Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly

I admit I’m not as much of a blog reader as I once was. I used to check in on blogs daily and had a huge list I was subscribed to. These days my subscription list in feedly is much shorter, and I’m aware that, like most people, I comment much less now that everything is available on other social media. For this list I chose favourites that have under 1000 subscribers on Feedly (that’s not to say they haven’t got a million more on bloglovin etc but I had to narrow it to 5 somehow!)

1. Thornberry – I’ve been following Lara’s sewing/crochet blog since it’s very early days. She gives very thorough reviews of patterns and is always really honest with how her garments turn out. She’s not one for smoke and mirrors and while we don’t often share the same style, I always enjoy seeing what she is creating.

2. Curly Pops – Another oldie. I remember first reading Cam’s blog back in 2008. I haven’t seen her in person for a very long time, but she has always inspired me with her go getter attitude. She’s recently created a colouring book, Breathing to a New Beat, to raise funds for the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust Vic.

3. Foxs Lane – My go to read when I want to dream about life on a farm near Daylesford. Kate has beautiful photos and words that always capture the mood.

4. Give a Girl a Blog – Kellie is a new read when compared to others. She documents her life through scrapbooking and also has her own awesome stamp business. This isn’t just a scrapbooking blog though, she shares other crafts, aspects of her life, and things that she finds inspiring.

5. Mama Finch – Essie has the newest blog on the list, but she’s been around in various guises as long as the others. You might remember her from Penelope Waits or The Crowned Finch. Mama Finch focuses on creating family and her posts are about family whether it be documenting their lives through scrapbooking, sharing fun projects to do with toddlers, or information about conceiving.

So there’s five of my favourite blogs for today. Something these ladies all have in common is their writing style is relatable and real. They all share ups as well as downs, and while there’s plenty of pretty photos to look at, you don’t read these blogs and think their lives are an unattainable fantasy. I hope you enjoy them.

Blog Everyday in May- Day 12 and 13

Real life very much got in the way the past few days and I have missed quite a few prompts. Today I’m going to attempt to combine two in a cheesy, I’m really bad at this, kind of way!

Day 12
Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline)
Day 13
Write a poem or piece of creative prose

There is a young lass by the name of Renae,

She has red hair, and a lot to say.

A blog seemed like the obvious choice,

to sit now and then and share her voice.

But what to call it, thought Ren?

I’m a redhead, who likes birds…

I’ll call it The Red Wren.




Blog everyday in May – Day 7

Day 7

Where are you blogging from today?

Today’s prompt is strangely relevant. I do most of my blogging from my desktop, my photos are there, it’s easier to type, easier to link up etc. tonight however, I forgot about blogging until I was cosy in bed in the tablet, so tonight I am blogging from the blogsy app in my bed.

Because I’m blogging from my tablet, I had to look up my blog to find the link to the prompt… Well, I was horrified! Something has gone amiss and my sidebar looks terrible. Guess what I’ll be sorting out in the morning!

I should have also posted a Thursday Three this evening, but I don’t have anything lined up. It’s been an unpleasant day with some drama from our awful neighbours, so instead I’ll leave you with three nice things that happened today.

1. At the local shopping centre they were handing out free flowers for Mother’s Day! I have a lovely bunch of cream chrysanthemums.

2. My sister dropped in for a surprise visit on her way home. Elijah loves his Aunty so this made his day.

3. Due to the drama with the neighbour, we are getting to know our other neighbours better and building community.