Free happy filler cards

A number of weeks ago I tried my hand at creating my own fonts. I made a couple, and was just getting the hang of what I needed to do to improve them, when my scanner died. Isn’t it always the way? I’ve used one of my fonts to make some free filler cards for your personal use. The lettering is far from perfect, but it gives the cards a handwritten touch.


There are four colours and two sayings. The cards have square edges so you can choose to keep them square or clip them with a corner rounder as I have done here.


I printed these on 4×6 white Project Life cards. I love the way these textured cards look when printed on. To print, I insert the cards I want onto a blank 6×4 portrait sized document in Publisher. I then change my printer settings to print 6×4 portrait, print each card separately, then trim to size. If I had some nice textured A4 cardstock I would just print the PDF’s.


The zip file contains eight PNG files, and two PDF’s (A4 and Letter) ready to be printed. Alternatively, you can just download the PDF’s.

| ZIP | A4 PDF | Letter PDF |

I really hope you like them.

Revisiting my manifesto

Almost six months ago I published my Project Life Manifesto, a list of points to keep me on track with scrapping each week, without getting caught up in trends etc. I’m currently four weeks behind and quite frankly, it’s no longer fun for me. I’ve started to question why I bother with weekly scrapbooking, what’s the point? Who cares?

Fortunately, my questions have mainly positive answers; I’m doing something with the million photos I take, in ten/twenty/thirty years time when we look back at my albums we will know who the people are, which is something we can’t always remember when looking at my parents albums, it’s creative and enjoyable (when I’m up to date.) The positives to this hobby do outweigh the negative, but my mind frame needs shifting..

Let’s revisit the manifesto:

1. Don’t justify

I’m quite apologetic and will find myself apologising for my work when I share it. I’m not going to do that anymore. It’s my album, my life, and it simply doesn’t matter if others don’t like it.

I have got better at this although I do still apologise. A bit.

2. Remember the details

To do this I need to be more diligent with writing things down so I haven’t forgotten when I complete the layout. Things like quotes from Elijah are perfect examples of what needs to go back in. I have a journal for the purpose of making notes of my week, but I’ve been slack with it. I’m going to move it next to the bed and jot a few notes in it each night.

I have become better at this, and I have realised I write things down without realising such as relaying something funny Elijah has done in a skype conversation to Col. I’ve been going back to these to help fill memory gaps in the album.

3. Embrace my handwriting

Yes, the time has come to embrace it. Some weeks, like now as I’m 7 weeks behind, I just want to print out photos, add some journaling and be done. The easiest way to do this is to just embrace my handwriting. I love typed journal cards, but it really is time consuming and I’d like to spend less time on my PC this year and more time out living a life worthy of recording.

YES! I have done this! Go me.

4. Admire the style of others, but keep to your own.

I find it’s very easy to get swept up in trends in any craft and when your version isn’t a good as the original it’s quite disheartening. There’s lots of styles out there that I really love, but unless they really reflect my own style, I’ll just admire them from afar and accept that it’s ok if I don’t have the trendiest layout on the block, I am doing this for me after all. I also need to acknowledge that it’s ok if I change my style as I go. I’ve found it hard to get going this year as I’ve been trying to create a bit of a formula to follow each week, but the self imposed formula has already proved a little stifling.

Yes and no. My style is still all over the place and not really what I would call ‘my style’. Rushing to catch up doesn’t really allow me to develop a style to be honest.

5. Stop buying supplies.

Acquiring lots of product falls into two categories for me; 1. keeping up with trends and 2. procrastination. Neither is particularly useful when it comes to keeping up to date with weekly spreads. I love tiny alpha stickers, and am a sucker for pretty paper, but I really do not need anymore BH cards at this stage!

I have managed to stop buying supplies, although my digital supplies have increased this year. Overall I am achieving this though.

In conclusion, I think it’s good to actually go back and revisit these kinds of lists. They can be quite grounding. I’m finding the hardest part about keeping up is the photos. I tend to edit them, crop them, collage them.. it takes hours. Using the Collect App was cutting down this time, but then I found my layouts a bit boring looking. There must be a happy medium!

Simple Singlet

How are we all today? I’ve been a busy bee this week rediscovering my machine and have a singlet to show you. I saw this great kite knit fabric in spotlight a few weeks ago, but it didn’t have a lot of stretch and felt a bit stiff. I resisted and walked away. Fast forward a few weeks and while waiting in line to have some stretch velvet cut, my eye fell on the fabric and I decided ‘why not?’

I drafted this single pattern from an existing singlet, lengthening it a little, and adding extra width to the shoulder straps. Due to it’s lack of stretch I added a dart to the armhole to stop it gaping. The neck and arms are bound, and the hem is just turned twice and zig zagged in place. It was an easy garment to sew and I managed to complete it while Elijah had a nap which certainly made it easier!


I look forward to wearing this with a pair of jeans and a cardigan as Spring arrives.

Simplicity 2451


It’s been quite a while since I sewed for myself, so I feel the need to put a bit of a preface on this post. I’m not a beautiful seamstress, I’m a functional seamstress. People who don’t sew compliment me on the things I make, but I shy away from showing any experienced seamstress my seams, zips and hems. Why am I telling you this? Because I wanted to make it clear from the start that this isn’t a garment blog, nor do I have intention of it morphing into one, but I’d like to share what I’ve made faults and all. Which brings us to Simplicity 2451.

This has been a really popular skirt to sew in blogging land, and while dubious about the style on my shape, decided to go ahead and purchase the pattern and some fabric. I went with a cotton sateen with a print that was/is a little out of my comfort zone in an attempt to brighten up my wardrobe. I traced out the pattern, cut out the pieces, pinned them to my mannequin, and realised there was no way it was going to fit me. The ‘bit’ of weight I’d put on, had pushed me up an entire size.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve lost that ‘bit’ of weight plus a little more and decided to pull it out again and sew it up. My intent was to make a wearable muslin and that’s exactly what I’ve got. Before adding the waistband the skirt looked too large, but when it came to the waistband it looked too small. Sigh. I decided to omit the interfacing to allow the sateen to stretch once on. This was an error on my part as it did fit after finishing it, and because there is no interfacing it now stretches out and becomes loose! Oh well!


This pattern has some fun features that first drew me to it; I love the pockets, the curved yoke, and the little front pleats which are small enough to be flattering rather than billowing out and emphasising my stomach. I’m going to make another one of these, possibly in a light corduroy or light weight denim.

Thanks for reading!

Instagram Snippets

I installed a wordpress plugin that pulls photos from my IG that are tagged #theredwren and turns them into a draft post in my blog. I post a lot of my ‘in progress’ crafty photos to Instagram, and as a result I haven’t been blogging them. I’d like to include the works in progress on my blog, as they’re relevant, so I’ll test this out for a few weeks and see what I think.

These beautiful daffodils are at Cloudehill gardens in Olinda. I visited on Friday to buy some seeds from The Diggers Club to sow for summer.

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