Week 35

Where does the time go? I’m a couple of weeks behind, again, but that’s ok. Week 35, what can I say about this week.. this is one of these weeks where all looks good on ‘paper’. I have pretty photos, I went to pretty places, if you follow me on sites like Instagram then it looks like my week was just rosy. But it wasn’t.

We are having issues with a neighbour and what this week’s layout doesn’t show is my crepe myrtle snapped off at ground level, the eggs running down the windows that I arrived home to after a lovely day at the Rhododendron Gardens, the foul mouthed abuse that’s been hurled at us. As a result I wasn’t really enthusiastic about this week, or the weeks to follow which I’m also yet to complete because I’ve been too busy finding things to do that involve me being away from the house. Things fortunately seem to have settled now and hopefully they stay that way as I have a tonne of Christmas sewing to start, and I’m already thinking about December Daily. (oh who am I kidding, I’m already buying things for DD!)

I kept this week simple using homemade cards and labels. The cards will be available on here shortly, I want to add a couple of 3×4’s to the collection first.


I tried to just ‘let go’ and write however I felt like without stressing about my imperfect handwriting. I think adding the wonky lines helps make it look more intentional.


There really isn’t a lot to say… if you look closely you’ll see the Highlights card says ‘turn over for the lowlights.’ I felt that I needed to journal about what was happening to us, but it’s already taken up a lot of my mind and time, so I didn’t want to make it a ‘feature’ on my layout.

The real point of this post, is the illusion that can be created online, especially with people you don’t know in person. My close friends know that we’ve been having a rough time, that my anxiety is through the roof, but to the casual observer it looks like I live a life of lattes and flowers with a perfectly behaved toddler. Most people aren’t living the perfect lives they portray online, and I think it’s really important to remember that.

Until next time x

The National Rhododendron Gardens

This blog has always had the intent to be about life, and many moons ago I used to blog about interesting places we have visited. I plan to post more of these sorts of posts now that my content is all under the one blog.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 28 42

Tucked away in the Dandenongs are the National Rhododendron Gardens, and if you haven’t been yet and are local, I recommend you go. They primarily feature, you guessed it, rhododendrons, as well as many deciduous trees, evergreens, natives, proteas, and azaleas.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 18 51

There’s a small lake, running stream, and lots of paths to spend hours exploring. The views on a clear day are just lovely.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 21 39

Our primary reason for visiting the gardens aside from their beauty, is that they are free to enter, and once in, Elijah can run around and explore. There’s stone ladybirds to search for, as well as lots of interesting fallen leaves, pinecones, and big rocks perfect for little ones to sit on.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 34 58

Last week a lot of the Rhodoendrons and Magnolias were about to burst into flower and in a few weeks time they will be spectacular. Mum and I are planning to visit again in a week or two to see them.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 22 48

Elijah just loves this telephone box. It’s connected to another one with a pipe which you can talk to each other through.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 32 20

There’s a free Family Fun day in April each year which we’ve now been to twice. There’s lots of activities for kids to do and is a great day out.

Photo 28-08-2014 22 24 06

Have you been to the Rhododendron Gardens?

Free printable labels

It’s the first day of Spring here in Melbourne, although with temperatures topping 11’C and rain galore it really doesn’t feel like it. This hasn’t deterred me from creating a simple set of printable labels in Spring colours. Simply download the PDF, print on paper, card, or sticker sheet, cut out, and add to your layouts.


Download links | A4 PDF || Letter PDF |

I hope you find them useful. As always comments and pins are appreciated.

The great catch up.

Hello! I’m pretty pleased with myself this weekend because after many, many weeks of complaining that I’m weeks behind with Project Life, I have finally caught up and intend to stay that way.

I’m not going to blog about the catch up layouts, instead I’ll direct you to a new page I’ve added which has photos of every layout from this year (minus week 14…I have to re photograph week 14).


Week 34. I feel that that the journal cards need something extra but I haven’t decided what.. enamel dots perhaps?

The great catch up, while frustrating and daunting, helped me to identify a style that I am comfortable with. If you look at the last few weeks, you’ll note they are handwritten, have a few embellishments, but not many, a bit of white space, and include more photos than fillers. I can still see some hybrid layouts happening, but I don’t think the full digital approach is me. I’d rather spend the time in Photoshop creating freebies for me and you.

This week is also my one year project life anniversary! I began with Week 35 2013 and it is interesting to go back and read that post; especially what I wrote about handwriting! In a way, I have come full circle over the 52 weeks.

Anyway, I’m off to whip up some simple labels to print and cut up for future layouts. I’ll pop them on here later this week.

Free happy filler cards

A number of weeks ago I tried my hand at creating my own fonts. I made a couple, and was just getting the hang of what I needed to do to improve them, when my scanner died. Isn’t it always the way? I’ve used one of my fonts to make some free filler cards for your personal use. The lettering is far from perfect, but it gives the cards a handwritten touch.


There are four colours and two sayings. The cards have square edges so you can choose to keep them square or clip them with a corner rounder as I have done here.


I printed these on 4×6 white Project Life cards. I love the way these textured cards look when printed on. To print, I insert the cards I want onto a blank 6×4 portrait sized document in Publisher. I then change my printer settings to print 6×4 portrait, print each card separately, then trim to size. If I had some nice textured A4 cardstock I would just print the PDF’s.


The zip file contains eight PNG files, and two PDF’s (A4 and Letter) ready to be printed. Alternatively, you can just download the PDF’s.

| ZIP | A4 PDF | Letter PDF |

I really hope you like them.