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March 26, 2015

Memory Keeping

Heidi Swapp and photo albums

I’d been feeling rather sorry for myself at the beginning of the week; I had a cold, I’d hurt my back which made doing anything rather than standing hunched over unpleasant, and it looked like I was going to miss out on meeting Heidi Swapp as part of her Spotlight tour. Boo. On Wednesday morning I was feeling much better on the cold front, and my back was better than the previous day, so I decided I would go. I hadn’t arranged for someone to look after Elijah so along he  ...

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Life and Outings, Sewing and Craft

Thursday Three – Edition Three

Hunting for eggs at kinder. Given how completely overboard I go with Christmas decorating, it may surprise you to know I don’t get carried away at Easter. I think Easter decorating is really only starting to become something you might do in Australia. More and more shops sell decorations, so I expect we will see more Easter decorating going on in the not so far future. The last couple of years I have decorated the mantle piece, and I will do that again this year, although I’m  ...

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