Free Easter Cards

Today I have some free Easter themed filler and journal cards for your personal use in four colour schemes.

Autumn Easter CardsMulti Easter Cards

I included an Autumn colour scheme as it’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the more ‘traditional’ pastel schemes.

Green Easter CardsPink Easter Cards

Because Hot Cross Buns are a big deal for me around Easter I included a blank square to put a photo of your hot cross buns in, either physically or digitally. If you do it digitally you’ll need to either crop a photo square then drag it on, or create a square on the jpg file, then clip your photo to it. There are plenty of excellent tutorials on the web to help you do this.


The cards are all 3×4 and you can download them below.

<< PDF A4 SIZE | PDF LETTER SIZE | ZIP FILE (both PDF’s and the the individual JPG files) >>

I hope you enjoy them! Comments and pins are always appreciated!

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