Marmalade Table Runner

A few months ago I shared the finished top for my marmalade runner. I can finally share the complete project; hooray!

Marmalade Table Runner

When I first purchased the marmalade charm pack I had no idea where I’d put whatever I made because it was so ‘pretty’ and we tend to not have a lot of ‘pretty’ around. My first thought was a mat to go under the sewing machine, but that felt like a waste of nice fabric, so it became a runner and it now lives on my old dresser.


I love the backing fabric. The colours are a bit off here, but its a gorgeous light grey which contrasts wonderfully with the pink and green.

I used thinsulbrite instead of regular batting should I ever wish to use it as a regular table runner. It certainly adds some colour to the room!

Fabric: Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille.

2 thoughts on “Marmalade Table Runner

  1. Great work Ren. This is gorgeous! I’m so glad you found somewhere it could be shown off little… more than under your sewing machine :)

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