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2013 – where to begin?

I had planned to do a wrap up post of 2012 complete with photo mosaics of everything I made.. but I’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm for it. Instead I’m going to share my crafty highlights for 2012.

  • The Red Wren: Opening the actual store after many years of procrastination was huge for me. I may have only had ten or so orders/sales but that was ten more than I ever thought I’d have. Last year was a good learning experience and I’m still not really settled into exactly what kind of things I’ll be stocking. I like to think that The Red Wren is evolving and this year it will take me into new places. 


  • Favourite Things:


From top left:

Scrappy square placemat – whipped up from scraps a week before Christmas. I used it as decoration but it does contain a layer of Insulbrite so I could use it as a heat proof mat.. next year perhaps!

Dresden plate cushions – also whipped up rather hastily. I am quite proud of these as they were my first attempt at a Dresden plate. I don’t think it will be my last. I’d like to use a pattern with a smaller circle next time.

Log cabin cushions – another first. This fabric had been in the stash a few years and it was really pleasing to finally see it used for something!

Woodland placemats and coaster set – I loved these. They were made for a friend’s showcase and I was very excited when they sold straight away. I’ve since made a few more sets.

Elijah’s woodland jacket – sadly he’s already outgrown this one (although he could probably be squished into it). He did get a lot of wear out of it and it was one of my favourite pieces of his clothing last year. 

Melva Quilt- another object made from some long stashed fabric, and backed with fabric my great Aunt gave me when I told her about my plans for it. Sadly she died before I finished it, so I named it after her.

Coasters and a pot mat – this was an order for a friend and I just love the fabric combination so much. I have some leftovers which I’ll definitely incorporate into something for me this year.

Christmas toadstool – another custom order. I was pleased with this mainly because I didn’t draw my toadstool first, just cut, sewed and hoped for the best!

Patchwork ball – paper pieced hexagon ball which I sewed by hand. I  love to see Elijah play with it.

  • The machine: I never got around to blogging about it, but I finally bought myself a machine. I’d been using my dad’s machine as well as owning half a machine with my sister and for most of the part it worked. I had the ‘good’ machine here, and my sister used the ‘other’ machine. Then we both needed the ‘good’ machine. I decided it was time to get my own given there wasn’t really any justification for me to have the good machine here. Unfortunately, having had the previous machine so long I didn’t want to lose any features. It was a Janome Memory Craft 3500, I ended up with the Janome Memory Craft 5200 which was the maximum I could stretch the budget too. I’m pretty wrapped with.

As for 2013? Well, I’m not setting a huge goal list. I’d like to keep making things to sell, but I’m not going to create stress for myself by doing so. I need to use my stash more as I’m inundated with fabric and having too much does stress me out. I’d like to make more clothes for myself this year. I made a few things last year which I’ve gotten wear out of, so I’d like to keep expanding the handmade wardrobe. I might even update the other blog when I do! I definitely want to resurrect my ‘stop pinning/start doing’ feature as that was something fun to do that was also getting things done!

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