31 Minutes for 31 Days

Hello poor, neglected readers. What has happened to my blog? It’s really taken a back seat since Finley was born, and I admit I tend to post what I’m doing to Instagram as it’s faster, and more interactive, but I miss having a blog and this month I’m going to put some focus into putting content up again.

So what’s this 31 Minutes for 31 Days? It’s the brain child of Kellie Winnell and the concept it simple, take 31 minutes of time for yourself through October. You can read some ideas on her blog.

For me, my 31 minutes aren’t going to be spent exactly how I intended when I first thought I would do this project; I envisioned catching up on Project Life, and some other projects in my lovely, tidy craft room. The reality? We caught a flu like virus and have spent the best part of two weeks unwell, so the pre-October tidy hasn’t happened and I’m now incorporating that into my 31 days. It’s still something for me!

Today I’ve been sorting out papers.

Yesterday I sorted out my pocket page notebooks.

Hopefully tomorrow I might create something, however it’s also school holidays here, and having wasted a week of those sick, I’m keen to get the kids out of the house and doing some fun things.

Are you joining in?

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