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5 Minute Artisan Bread

 Over at The Red Wren I’m challenging myself to pick three pins I’ve pinned on Pinterest each week and begin the projects. This week I decided to undertake the 5 minute Artisan Bread  it was A-MAZ-ING. This bread is deliciously crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

I made my dough to the recipe specifications but only had enough for two loaves. It was still much cheaper than purchasing artisan bread and it’s such a wonderful feeling to slice and eat bread you’ve baked yourself.

If you look at the photos you’ll notice the loaf at bottom left is considerably smaller than the one on the right. I followed the recipe and pulled off a ‘grapefruit’ sized chunk, but I suspect we have different ideas as to the size of grapefruit. Interestingly, the first loaf was a lot fluffier than the second and kept better overnight. I’m not sure if that’s a characteristic of the dough or the fact that I had to keep punching the remainder of the dough down as it kept escaping from the container in the fridge. The second loaf was still fantastic and toasted up nicely for this morning’s breakfast of poached eggs and bacon.

This recipe is definitely on the repeat list. Next week I’m going to see how it turns out with the addition of grains and my husband would love to try a spelt load. I’ll report back.

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