A new habit

One of my latest new habits (aside from the big one) is to log onto my PC in the morning, drink my cup of tea and peruse craft blogs. It’s a great way to start the day; very inspiring. However, throw an eight hour work day (ten by the time I travel and have lunch) in the mix and all my inspiration vanishes. When I arrive home I’m no longer all motivated to pull out fabric and sew, in fact the highest level of motivation I achieve is to update my blogs. Sewing has become a ‘weekend’ thing for me and I really don’t like that. A few weeks ago I set myself the challenge of ‘a project a day’ but I just couldn’t keep momentum up.

Tell me; how do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to churn out projects whilst juggling the daily necessities of life?

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  1. emilypepper

    September 29, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    I know exactly how you feel! Long work day followed by cooking dinner, cleaning up and then it’s pretty much bed time = no time for craft! I made a dress last week and set myself one small task a night e.g. one night I sewed the zip, next night the facings etc. And eventually (after 1 week) it was finished. Another good tip is hand sewing (if you can be bothered), I find it quite relaxing doing some stitching in front of the TV. And if you can, leave the sewing machine out, don’t pack it away each night, I find this is quite a good motivator for me :)

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