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Belated Christmas – Part Two


Just some of the decorations around the house. The bunting in the top photos was made from a Spotlight panel. Funny story; when I purchased the panel I felt a bit miffed that the panel was so small. Thinking it wouldn’t go very far I went back the next week and bought another panel. As the lady was cutting it I noticed she was cutting two panels and reminded her I only wanted one. She said it was one. Turns out I’d only received half a panel the week before. I was able to get the other half and of course I then had more bunting panel that one could poke a stick at! I ended up making it double sided so it can hang anywhere and it was still six metres long.

The tree pictured is my woodland tree, the main tree is in another room and didn’t photograph all that well this year.



Top left we have an embroidery from a few years ago, top right are some gorgeous card I purchased from Elisandra Sevenstar and pegged onto plain string, bottom left we have some candelabras a friend gave me for my birthday decked out with faux foliage and pinecones which match the wreath (bottom left) which I put together. I wanted to keep the wreath simple to highlight the cardinal and am really pleased with it.

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