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I find it quite hard to believe it’s October tomorrow. It’s less than two weeks until my 35th birthday, and it’s less than 24 hours until this years’ Blogtoberfest! If you’ve followed me for a few years you’ll know I like to take part every year, although I am yet to actually achieve daily posting for the whole of October!

I’ve been thinking about blogging of late, about why it is that I go so few and far between posts when I’d really like to update several times a week and arrived at the conclusion that it’s the photos. I don’t have a fancy camera, my camera, a canon point and shoot, takes reasonable photos outside, but most indoor photos need a bit of work, and I like to frame or collage them. This takes time, time which I would rather use on other things, like sewing and playing with Elijah! So I’ve decided that since this isn’t remotely a photography blog I’ve decided that it’s fine to post photos that I’ve quickly run through picmonkey or an app on the good on iphone. If I have something I’m particularly pleased with I might run it through photoshop, but I bet we won’t be able to see much difference anyway (aside from consistent font use!). Let’s see if this helps me blog more!


These swatches arrived a few weeks ago from spoonflower. They’re the small swatch size and I can’t wait to use them in my Christmas projects!


  1. Belinda

    September 30, 2012 at 12:52 am

    Is it October already? You’ve inspired me to take part in Blogtoberfest too-I look forward to reading all of your posts in the coming month :)

  2. Monica

    October 2, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Hello! Just stopping by as a Blogtoberfest participant…

    Glad to read that you are no longer letting your photos keep you from blogging! Mine is not a photography blog either, I use a point and shoot Nikon (CoolPix!), but I did eventually learn how to use the flash and, especially, how to use the zoom feature for detail shots. I realized that as long as the shot is clear, without bad shadows, it will serve the purpose of sharing my creative projects =-)
    Happy Blogtoberfest and good luck with daily posting! =-D

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