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Christmas Ideas: Doorway

Image courtesy of Ward Jenkins If you like the above image I suggest you go look at the rest of the set! They’re wonderful!

A perhaps overlooked object for me to adorn with Christmas decorations which is to be the focus of this post, is the front door. In Australia or at least my neck of the woods, people tend to only decorate the outside of their homes with lights or the odd wreath. I put a wreath on my door last year, although said wreath was hastily relocated indoors when we had freak rain that came under the eaves, but this doesn’t come close to cutting it when you see what trouble other people in I guess colder, snowier areas, go to.  Everywhere I look on the ‘net I see spectacular doorways adorned in wreaths and swags of random vegetation.

There are bows, wreaths, baubles, lanterns, lights, even rakes with leaves in them! And everything has a lovely glow- that ‘come inside it’s cozy and warm, we have a roaring fire with chestnuts’- not ‘come inside we have air-con, although it’s still one hundred degrees, and all our food has melted!’ So my aim this year? Well, given I cannot make it snow, which is my secret super-power wish,  I want to create the most wonderful Christmas door. The kind of door where people want to drop in for egg-nog and truffles. I’m rather excited as it occurred to me today that rather than just decorate the front door, I can decorate all three doors leading inside from our front deck! In my search for Christmas doors, in addition to the picture above, I came across some rather good websites:

Christmas in Williamsburg – Tutorial for making various wreaths as well as some great photos of door decorations and decorations in general. Gorgeous!

Christmas Decorations – A potted history of decorating – A site with a little bit of history on decorating

Alamy – Search on ‘Christmas Door’ and all the beautiful wreaths and doors that followed!

Happy door decorating!

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  1. Bellgirl

    November 10, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Cool! I’ve just started preparing for a corporate free Christmas, I’ll follow up some of these links!

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