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Crazy December!

Where do the days go in December? I’ve got so far behind on this blog that it really isn’t worth me playing catch up with posts, so this serves as a bit of a catch all!

Project Life:

Currently working on last week, but the rest are finally up to date. Hooray! I was a little bit uninspired with PL for a couple of weeks, but I seem to have my mojo back and and off and running. I’m looking forward to starting next year and have been rounding up some new digi templates and things to add to the stash. You can see the latest layouts on my Project Life 2013 page, but I’m not going to write about them; I’m just glad they are done!

December Daily

This is a lot more time consuming than I expected mainly because I deviated from my plan. The plan was to have pages all ready to go before December, then use iPhone only pics in square format to make it easy on myself. Ha ha ha. None of the pages were done, I keep adding to my supply stash, I’ve been editing most of the photos from my DSLR in Photoshop adding overlays and such, I’ve been digi scrapping… so much for a plan. I’m also using a Christmas theme each week for my PL spreads and somewhere along the line I went from nice, simple digi cards to physically created cards.. madness! I’ll have some pics of those and some complete DD spreads later in the week. Here’s my decorating page…I used templates from Ali Edwards for these.



What happened to all the freebies I promised each week? Time, lack of time, happened! I lost my mojo on those a little bit, and given it’s a week out from Christmas it’s looking doubtful that I’ll post anymore, but we shall see! I will promise that there will be lots of freebies next year for pocket scrapbooking.

Other stuff!

We still haven’t finished our external painting, and the garden is still a bit of a mess. This is mainly due to weather constraints, and other engagements on suitable painting days.

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