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Crepe Myrtle

I was intending to post a fairly mundane post about today’s heat with a couple of photos, but when I popped out a few minutes ago to take a photo of our blueberries I noticed that at some stage in the past two hours the main part of my crepe myrtle has broken off the tree. Given it’s my favourite tree in the yard and I’ve been looking forward to it bursting into flower in the next month I’m pretty disappointed. Some of it is still there (hopefully it survives) but the main part and shape of the tree is lost.


Summer 2010

random 026 

Gorgeous leaves in May 2010

When we first moved in the tree was still very young and I didn’t know what it was until it flowered the next year. A pretty tree in Summer, a stunning tree in Autumn.

Unfortunately this will also affect the adjacent garden beds at it cast shade keeping those beds shady all the time, as a result none of the plants there will appreciate now being in full sun.

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