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Flower clips

Ages ago, July to be exact, I received lots of packets of acrylic flowers, clips and brooches to start whipping up some Spring jewellery. As Winter dragged on and on these flowers ended up in a box in my craft room and were promptly forgotten.

Today being so pretty and ‘Springy’ I remembered them and have started to make some jewellery. These are just simple clips, but I have plans for earrings, necklaces and bracelets which will be a good way to use up all the boxes of jewellery findings I have around the house.


Today was also a perfect day for some Spring cleaning and my husband started to paint our deck. I think it’s going to look good, a pale grey rather than the red-brown it was.

For all those on the east-coast of Australia – I hope you aren’t too thrown out by daylight savings beginning! It is lovely to have some extra daylight on such a nice day. I’ve got the snags on the barbie!

I’m enjoying reading everyone’s Blogtoberfest entries, although I haven’t made it quite through the list of participants yet. I’ve set up a new category on my feedly called ‘Blogtoberfest’ so I can go straight to those blog entries each day. How are you keeping track of everyone?

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  1. CurlyPops

    October 3, 2010 at 8:05 am

    The white base clips are really pretty with the acrylic flowers on top. It’s amazing what supplies you find in the stash sometimes!

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