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Happy New Year

It’s been over a month, but I’m back!

Unfortunately just before Christmas I landed in hospital for a few nights which completely killed any plans to give you some more Christmas freebies before the season was over. I’m ok now, just have some pesky gallstones that will be removed along with my gallbladder soon.


Slowly, slowly getting it done

I’m still working on my December Daily album, aha have set a deadline of tomorrow to get it done. Of course nothing bad happens if I don’t hit my deadline, but it would be nice to put it to bed so I can start working on Project Life. I haven’t done anything this year on it, and I really don’t like to be behind.


We had hail, in December. Closest we’ll ever get to snow, so I went nuts with the snow theme. The photos of the hail are behind the ‘let it snow’ card which flips open. Nifty!

In other news, I joined Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop this year. The word I chose is LESS. My theory is that by lessening some of the more negative things in my life (think everything from clutter, to spending, to crisis of confidence) I’ll ultimately end up with MORE. I’m enjoying the work I’ve done so far, and I’ve noticed I’m not trying to justify myself as much as I usually would…onward!

Lastly, because LESS isn’t working just yet in all areas, I bought this mistint of paint. I love the colour and am seriously considering using it on a wall in my sewing room… or at very least the bookshelves!


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