How does your garden grow?

Sometimes you need to make a mess before things get better. This logic can be applied to all sorts of things from decluttering a wardrobe to baking a cake but in today’s instance we’re talking about the garden.

The garden is somewhat out of control lately. As previously mentioned, It suffered a year of neglect while I was pregnant and through this winter, but now the weather is nice and I have a little more time, I’m on a mission to make it pretty!

Introducing ‘how does your garden grow?’

This is the garden bed in front of the house that runs along the front path. It contains three roses, a couple of geraniums gone wild and oodles of seaside daisy. In fact, the geraniums and seaside daisy have gone so wild that they’re smothering the roses. Somewhere underneath are daffodils and jonquils.

I’ve earmarked this garden bed to be my new herb garden, so something drastic needed to happen to create some room:

A few hours of work and we have this mess. You can now see the roses and bulbs, but as far as a garden goes it’s bare, ugly, and in need of a complete overhaul. A lot more work needs to be done before I arrive at the fun part of planting the herbs.


Moving on a few more weeks and I’ve discovered this post in draft! I haven’t got much further in the cleaning up and planting new things stakes thanks to a few bouts of rain and busy weeks. It’s looking prettier though now that the roses are coming out and there was a nice surprise – borage seeds have been laying dormant under the geranium and now that it is out of the way we have lots of little borage seedlings.


Tomorrow- Nasturtiums gone wild!

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