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Is purple the new cream?

Today was rather busy. It involved interesting discoveries like these purple potatoes…


I purchased them thinking they would be cream once you peeled them, but nope, purple. A quick google confirmed that this was normal and they’d fade on cooking. While they faded a little, they were still very much purple when served up to our dinner guests. It reminded me of Bridget Jones and the blue soup.

I confess I completely forgot to post yesterday. I’m a little annoyed with myself as I was so determined to actually complete Blogtoberfest this year! Oh well… onward we go!

Blogtoberfest 21/31

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  1. Candice

    October 21, 2012 at 11:37 am

    I had these for the first time recently too. Our dinner guests were very unsure of my purple mash and it took some explaining.

    I think missing only one day so far and looking after a busy toddler is admirable… I’m lucky to remember to brush my hair most days so blogging daily would be beyond me!

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