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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The stores have decorations out, and the supermarkets are selling puddings and mince pies; Christmas is fast approaching and I thought I’d share my Christmas crafty plans.


As usual I have a big list of crafty things I want to make for Christmas. I have just finished a rather large craft room/study reorganisation and declutter which involved scrutinising a lot of my fabric and either committing to use it, or selling it. I couldn’t bear to part with many of my Christmas fabrics so there is a lot of sewing to be done! On my list of Christmas themed things to make for our home this year are;

♥ A picnic quilt to take to all our Christmas functions
♥ A mini quilt for Elijah to keep him warm at night events
♥ A set of placemats
♥ A poinsettia skirt for me (yep…)
♥ PJ pants for Elijah
♥ Applique t-shirts for Elijah
♥ Decorations – an advent calendar, felt ornaments, garlands
♥ A hexagon cushion cover (that I should have started 6 months ago)
♥ A matching tea towel, pot holder set.

Like all years I probably won’t get everything on this list done, but I do hope to make a big dint in the fabric stash. The picnic quilt is my first priority.


After getting a little carried away with December Daily® supplies for this year, I have an abundance of Christmas paper! Plans for my surplus are:
♥ Handmade Christmas cards and tags
♥ Some sewing garlands similar to what I made here, but lengths of stars and no doilies!


The big one which really needs a post of it’s own, and will get one shortly. I’m going to be undertaking December Daily® again this year as I really enjoyed it last year and love having an album to look back on. I’ll be using a 6×8 Snap album again this year for the daily part, but to further complicate the project and make more work for myself, I have a Christmas planner from Stampin’ Up that has sections perfect for photos of craft, entertaining, wrapping.. all the Christmassy things I jammed into last year’s album that made it so thick it doesn’t shut! The bonus of the planner is that I can also use it to, you know.. plan. Additionally I’ll do my weekly Project Life spreads in my Project Life album.. I may do these digitally as I can pre-set them all up then just add photos and a bit of journaling at the end of each week, there’s also the added bonus of using some of my digital supplies. Lastly, I’ll be making and releasing a lot of digital freebies on the blog that you can use in your own Christmas albums. I’m in the process of updating last year’s calendar cards so check back if you want to grab one for this year! That’s all my free time for the next 10 weeks taken care of! What Christmas crafty plans do you have?

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  1. Kel

    October 16, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    I can’t wait to see all yout beautiful Christmas creations :)

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