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Long time no post!

This blog really stops and starts. When I began this blog I knew what I wanted it to be; a blog about the home including cooking, gardening, even organisation and cleaning as it’s something I have to work quite hard at. Every now and then I get organised and manage to post a few things such as my ‘stop pinning, start cooking, posts, but mostly I seem to be doing not much at all.

I had a think about why this is and came to the conclusion that I need some structure. Since being on maternity leave I’ve lost the structure I had in my days and I think I’d fare much better if I tried to bring some back. I often find it’s 1pm and I’m still in pyjamas, or 4:30pm and the meat for dinner is still frozen. This isn’t how I want to live, and I don’t buy into all the ‘messy house, happy kids’ mentality that’s brandied about on the internet.

Here’s some things I thought I could do to get more organised, blogging about them will help me stay on track.

Menu Planning – to know what I’ll be cooking each night will allow me to start getting dinner ready earlier, ensure meat is thawed, and should help with our rather expensive grocery bills. I’m an Organizing Junkie holds a Monday Menu Plan link up which I’ll start joining in on, and has a good post here on some benefits of meal planning.

Blog the good and the bad from the garden – We’re currently doing a big overhaul in our front yard and it’s not pretty. I planned to blog about it all so I could see progress which in turn would motivate me. I’d like to start providing a weekly update on the progress.

Cooking – I love cooking, but I have become really slack of late. I’m not one to follow recipes and anytime I create a dish I really love I’ve been photographing it so I can share the recipe here. What this really means is I have a few years worth of food pics and no idea how I made the meals anymore. To rectify!

Organising – I’ve come leaps and bounds in terms of organising and cutting clutter in the house, but there’s still a way to go. A long way. I’m not sure how I’ll incorporate organising into my posts, but I will!

To you as the reader this might all seem a bit pointless, boring or self indulgent, or you may think it’s all a great idea and wish me well on my road to domestic bliss. Either thinking is fine as I’m doing this for me, to get me back on track. Hopefully I can connect with some like minded people by joining in with weekly link ups, we’ll see. The alternative was saying goodbye to this blog, and I’m not yet ready to do that.

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