Marigolds and seed saving

It was a glorious Autumn day on Saturday, perfect for pottering in the garden, harvesting the last few of the vegetables, and pulling up the summer vegetable garden.
While pulling out the marigolds I noticed they were laden with thousands of seeds.
Elijah and I sat on the lawn together and harvested…

…and harvested.

Until we had a bag filled with thousands of seeds.

Some of these seeds will be planted in punnets in the green house in late winter, ready to plant with the tomatoes come late spring. Others will be packaged up and given to our fellow seed saving friends.

This is only our second year of serious seed saving. In the past we've saved broad beans, but now we have the greenhouse I feel compelled to save everything we can, because we have so much more room to raise them. If we end up with more seedlings than we need, we can share them with family and friends, or go to our local food swap. I'm really excited about what we will grow this year.


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