May Gardening

The weather of the past few weeks has mostly been glorious. We’ve been out in the garden a lot trying to get some things done before winter kicks in. I’m not going to share photos of the clean up jobs we’ve been doing of late as none of them are complete, and it all still looks rather messy. I’ll save them for a before/after come spring.

I have been playing with my camera some more, and here’s a few photos I was pleased with.


We purchased this rosemary plant four years ago from The Diggers Club. It’s a lovely plant and has done very well with minimal attention.


One of the salvias currently in flower. I’ve planted nice salvia plants over the past few months, hoping to achieve that lovely cottagey garden look I admire so much.


Another of the Salvias.


This snapdragon has been wonderful. I’m taking a guess that mum bought it for me in September. She advised me to plant it in the ground instead of keeping it on the deck. It’s currently on it’s fifth flush of flowers and shows no signs of dying off any time soon. I’ll be planting a lot more snapdragons in the ground this year!

Some of the jobs we’ve done (or had assistance with) are;

New front steps courtesy of my dad

A new back gate which now closes also courtesy of dad

A big planter box in the back yard which we’ll be planting out with a mixture of veggies, herbs, and pretty plants once we get the dirt

Excavated where our new garden path will be

Pulled out most of the summer veggies and planted green manure seeds in the beds (more on this to come!)

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