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Melting crayons

Elijah is at that age where he just loves to draw, but he's a bit rough on the old crayons. I was getting sick of putting lots of crayons bits back in their container each week, so luckily this project that is all over the Internet came to mind.

A lot of the examples I've seen of this use silicon baking ware to melt the crayons in and had I had some I think that would be the better option. I used a mini muffin tray which suffered a huge beating when it was time to get the crayons out, and the red crayons stained it. The end result is cute though!

How to melt crayons;

If you want to try this at home just round up your broken crayons, pick something oven safe to melt them in, fill it with pieces (next time I'm going to mix some colours up for rainbow crayons), then melt at 160'C for roughly ten minutes. Cool completely, the pop them out and enjoy!


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