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Memory Keeping Planning

I’ve spent a bit of time recently sorting out exactly where I am at with my memory keeping. I use my Project Life tracker to keep track of where I’m up to with Project life, and these lists to track everything else, but I realised I was missing a worksheet to determine why I want to undertake a project in the first place. Enter the Memory Keeping Project Plan. I’ve used this for every project I currently have on the go, and it’s a good way to determine if you really want to keep at it, or if you’d rather shelve it, or finish this year, but review before diving in again!

I’ve made the plan available as a free PDF in both A5 and A4 size. Pictured is the A5 size which I use as my binder is A5, but the A4 will give you more writing room!

A5 Memory Keeping Project Plan | A4 Memory Keeping Project Plan

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