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My Avanti Metro 8c

I wanted a dutch style bike. I looked at Electra’s, Gazelle’s, drooled over pictures on the Internet of bikes that are almost impossible to come by in Australia, but in the end settled for the cheaper, lighter Avanti Metro. She has most of the features I wanted – step over bar, internal gearing, chain cover and parcel rack. I’m currently waiting for a Basil pannier to arrive from the UK which will give her an extra something.

In comparison with my previous bike (think really awful department store bike that was at least a size to small) this bike is a dream. It’s put all the fun back into riding and I find myself wearing a silly grin whenever I ride.


My main reason for wanting a rideable bike was to join my husband on rides without whining that my gears were stuck or my shoulders were sore. My husband has three bikes and my favourite by far is the Surly Big Dummy. Which deserves a post of it’s own.

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