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A little project I have just started it to repaint my study/craft room.


At present it’s yellow from the picture rails down, cream above, with cream/ivory curtains and all my furntiture is pine. The problem? Between the cream, yellow and pine the room takes on a yellowy glow that is a bit distracting. It’s soft, but it’s not inspiring and it’s certainly not crisp. The window is west facing so the afternoon sun adds to the yellow glow.


Idea One:

Leave the cream (or I have to repaint the ceiling), paint three walls below the picture rail a different cream to above the rail and paint one wall green. This will enable the pine to look less yellowy and have a crisp finish.

Idea Two:

Leave the cream as above, paint all walls below the picture rail a different cream and purchase a big wall decal to create a feature wall.

Idea Three:

Leave the cream as above. Paint the small amount of wall that sits on either side of the cream curtains green, then put a matching decal on the main piece of wall behind my pc- or a large piece of artwork using the green.

Like a tree perhaps:

clipped from www.kidsmodern.com
Tree with birds wall decal Product e-glue BIG
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Ooh, or we could scrap the green and go with these –

Wall Candy Arts Nightly News - Nightly News Removable Wall Decals - Wall Candy Arts Nightly News
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Perhaps something more subtle? It is meant to be inspiring, not overwhelming.


  1. Harmony

    March 4, 2009 at 7:19 am

    I like the first idea… I’ve seen that done a lot on home decorating shows, painting just one wall a different solid shade to break things up and add color. Then you can try and pull all the colors together with pictures, pillows, furniture, etc.

    I like the owl thing though. This is meant to your project/study/sewing room right? You could do some painting or stenciling on the wall too… that kind of thing always puts me in a creative mood.

  2. Kylie

    March 4, 2009 at 8:39 am

    I agree with everything Harmony said. I think having one wall in green would look lovely, but I think the decal idea is great too.

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