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Do you take part in Documenting December projects? Do you finish well into the next year and realise that try as you might, you just can’t recall what you did on the 16th, and there are no photos? Look no further than our simple log book. It’s not fancy, but it will get the job done!

What’s included?

  • Print ready JPG’s for you to print and bind your own logbook. (the cover is not included) Paper size is A4, however they should print ok on Letter.

Note: if you download my 2018 Christmas planner it includes individual files for this logbook, in a style to match the planner, so if you would rather those, then download that.

Some basic instructions:

What do I need?

A printer

A piece of cardstock for the cover

Thread or a sewing machine to bind it together.

There’s three pages to print; I won’t give instructions on exactly how to print as everyone has different printers, but as a guide I print on A4, and printed 1 of page one, 7 of page two, then flipped these over, fed them back in and printed 8 of page three. You might need to test it before you print all the copies. If you have a duplex printer you might be able to print duplex.

After printing the pages, I trimmed them to 9 inches wide, by 81/4 tall, folded it all in half, added a cover, and bound it with embroidery thread.

You could also just print the pages, trim them, and stick them into a travelers notebook, or clip them together.




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