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Project Life 2014 – Week 1

I’m a little bit behind with my album at present, but that’s ok. I’ll catch up over the next week or so. The main reason for being so behind was due to my December Daily taking a lot longer to wrap up than expected, but now that is done and dusted I’m back into it.

I only put the January portion of Week 1 in this album, the start of the week is tacked onto the end of my 2013 album. I’ll post a picture of that when I post my December Daily wrap up. A change I’ve made this year is to begin the week on Monday. Traditionally I like weeks to start on a Sunday, but having the weekend split over two layouts seemed a bit silly, so I’m trying it this way for 2014.


I’m a bit lost on what look I’m aiming for this year. I had trouble settling on a cover, and now I’ve had trouble settling on my first week. I do want to use more physical product, but I don’t want it to be embellishment central that takes hours to complete.. so it’s a bit of a hybrid; some writing added to the photos digitally, real cards rather than digital, hand stamped dates and a few stickers.. it’s plain, but it’s also done.

I did feed one of the cards the wrong way through the printer, which I won’t be doing again! I didn’t want to waste the card and print another, although the other side would still be useable.


On top of my weekly PL spreads I am also using the much loved ‘Collect’ app to capture a photo a day. I’ll be printing all of those as 3×4 cards and popping them together at the end of my album as their own entity.


Maggie Holmes Edition – Core Kit

Becky Higgins date stamp

Basic Grey ‘Hey Boy’ Alphabet Stickers


  1. Melonnie

    February 7, 2014 at 11:15 am

    You’re an inspiration Ren xo

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