Wow- I am so many posts behind after having such a frantic December. We planted seeds a few months ago and for nearly two months – nothing happened! After a good soak in the December rains, they appeared!


1. pumpkin, 2. pumpkin, 3. eggplant?, 4. sage2, 5. garlic chives, 6. corriander, 7. basil, 8. sage, 9. borage, 10. tomato, 11. lupin, 12. zucchini

Aren’t they fun! The pumpkins in the first two shots are the same plants a few weeks apart. The seeds just happen to be the ones from the pumpkin I made pumpkin pie with! I didn’t think they’d grow when I stuck them in the ground.

The instructions on the sage said ‘sow in punnets’ so I did, however you’ll note the sage in photo 2 isn’t much smaller than the ones in photos 8. 4 are sown into the ground roughly 4 weeks ago, 8 into a pot nearly two months ago! Into the ground straight away from now on I say!

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