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Some Christmas Printables

The weeks are just flying by here, and all my plans of keeping my blog up to date have just flown out the window. As mentioned in previous posts, I am working on a December Daily album this year, but as yet I haven’t completed any pages to post about. I’m only a couple of days behind with printing photos, but the journaling and embellishment isn’t done for any entire day yet. Stay tuned; I may have something to show tomorrow!

As far as freebies go, I had been working on quite a few in the background going back as far as October last year. The plan was to offer a new freebie for each week of December, but as that hasn’t happened I’ve decided to do a big post today and just give you what I’ve got. I can’t really see myself finding time to create anymore this year, so I hope there’s something you like in this mix. As always, the freebies are for personal use. I’ve credited graphic sources where required.



I feel I need to acknowledge Marie from Stitch in Time here. She creates beautiful December calendars each year. I wasn’t sure if she would this year, so I whipped up a few which you can download below, but she did, and it’s beautiful. I’m using hers in my December Daily and my two page calendar in my planner. So credit goes to her for the idea.

Graphics credit: Julie from Old Design Shop

All calendars are 6×8. The first one goes over two pages. It’s a bit awkward to use, but it’s useful in my planner. Click on each picture to get the full size, then save for printing.

6x8 calendar cottage page1 6x8 calendar cottage page2 6x8 calendar cottage 6x8 calendar holly


Filler Cards

There’s an assortment of cards in this zip file, some in PNG format and some in JPG. Just place the ones you want to print in a word, publisher, etc document and print.


There are 5 6×4’s with various ‘favourites’ (only with the Australian spelling).


Assorted 3×4 fillers (some more are shown the the preview picture)

merryandbright merry whitechristmas

A set of lyric cards with variations on pictures/lyrics



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