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Stashbusting 2014


I cleaned up my sewing room this week, and while organising my fabric stash I felt a real sense of sadness that I’ve done so little with so much of it. The piles of  Christmas fabrics, the sweet children’s prints, the repro feedsacks… all purchased so enthusiastically with big and little plans in mind, yet relegated to a plastic container for 2+ years.

After allowing myself to wallow for a minute in perceived failure, I pulled myself together and decided that I can change this, I can change it right now, and thus Stashbusting 2014 was born.

The aim? Simple; to use as much fabric by the end of the year as I can. I’ve been collecting some sewing ideas and patterns on a Pinterest board to refer to, as well as pulling together various patterns I have here. I’ll report back weekly on how I’m doing.

What about you? Do you need to do some serious stashbusting, or are you more of a buy and use kind of person?

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