Stop pinning!


A little while ago, ok it was February, I was right into picking a few pins from pinterest and actually making the project, trying the technique, or cooking the food. It felt quite productive at the time, but then it ground to halt. It ground to a halt for a reason, the scrapbuster block tutorial. I still very much like the look of this block, but since I began working on it I’ve rearranged the furniture and the couch it was going on is no longer in a suitable place for what was going to be a cushion. Bits of the block are strewn around my sewing room as Elijah keeps finding them and I’ve decided to pull the pin and create a new list of projects! I think it’s ok to just admit you’ve lost heart in something than keep putting everything else off as a result!

New Projects

Lemon Blueberry Bread – I am cheating a little here as I baked this today! 

Blog banners – Spruce up my Sew, Renae blog a bit using one of these to base the theme around. (also decide once and for all what to call that blog!)

Blog planner – Set up an A5 folder with blog planning sheets. This should help me remember what I want to blog about. I might use of the the printables from the link or design my own!

You may note a lack of sewing projects above that’s because I have enough of those to be getting on with this week without adding to the pile!


Blogtoberfest 8/31

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