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The month of September

September always feels like a month of new beginnings. It makes sense given the arrival of Spring. I haven’t sewn in over a month now; everything aside from a little bit of crochet has fallen by the wayside. The thing is; I haven’t really missed sewing. I’ve felt guilty that I haven’t done anything, but anytime I could have been sewing I’ve done other things. I’m questioning if this is a phase, or if I’ve just been forcing myself to do something I preferred to do sporadically.

I’m leaning toward phase. Elijah has been going through a real clingy stage these last few months, and he’s been sick a few times on top of that. For a while there he’d only have day sleeps if I was feeding him and as soon as I moved away, he’d scream. These are normal behaviours that most mother’s, if not all, go through, but it has taken a bit out of me and when I have had time to myself I’ve wanted to do not much at all.

In order to get back on track I’ve set myself a few little goals for September sewing;

  • give away or sell fabric I no longer love or feel inclined to use
  • begin Elijah’s ‘Outfoxed’ quilt
  • Complete items for a shop showcase a friend is holding in two weeks
  • make a dress
  • blog more of the ‘along the way’ things. Remind myself that every post doesn’t need to be about a finished project.

You may notice there’s nothing about The Red Wren store on my list. I’ve decided I need to gently ease myself back in and not put pressure on myself. The store will come in good time. Amie of Little Love Boat and Friends very wisely said to me ‘it’s not a race’ and she is so right!

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  1. essie

    September 3, 2012 at 5:26 am

    i for one love seeing ‘in progress’ posts. the creative process is a wonderful thing to observe! x

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