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The National Rhododendron Gardens

This blog has always had the intent to be about life, and many moons ago I used to blog about interesting places we have visited. I plan to post more of these sorts of posts now that my content is all under the one blog.

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Tucked away in the Dandenongs are the National Rhododendron Gardens, and if you haven’t been yet and are local, I recommend you go. They primarily feature, you guessed it, rhododendrons, as well as many deciduous trees, evergreens, natives, proteas, and azaleas.

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There’s a small lake, running stream, and lots of paths to spend hours exploring. The views on a clear day are just lovely.

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Our primary reason for visiting the gardens aside from their beauty, is that they are free to enter, and once in, Elijah can run around and explore. There’s stone ladybirds to search for, as well as lots of interesting fallen leaves, pinecones, and big rocks perfect for little ones to sit on.

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Last week a lot of the Rhodoendrons and Magnolias were about to burst into flower and in a few weeks time they will be spectacular. Mum and I are planning to visit again in a week or two to see them.

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Elijah just loves this telephone box. It’s connected to another one with a pipe which you can talk to each other through.

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There’s a free Family Fun day in April each year which we’ve now been to twice. There’s lots of activities for kids to do and is a great day out.

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Have you been to the Rhododendron Gardens?

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