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Thursday Three – Edition Four


Elijah has recently become really interested in Ben and Holly’s Magical Kingdom. He watched episodes back to back and recites the opening words when he thinks no one is listening. Last night I made him quick and easy wand out of some sparkly cardstock and a drinking straw. He’s been using it all morning and doing wand practice. In the photo above he is watching an episode where Holly does some wand practice and he’s following the instructions. Today’s Thursday Three is some links to wand tutorials that you might like to try.


1. I love this felt star wand with the sequins by Renae Bradley. This was more like what I had in mine when I told Elijah we would make wands.

2. Don’t want your kids casting pretend spells? What about this fun wire bubble wand then, from Mari at Inspired by Familia.

3. Lastly, here’s a stick and wire wand from Elliemoon. I like that this one uses sticks found in the yard or out on a walk. She used hers as bubble wands, but I think they’d make nice play wands too.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Thursday Free. Check back to the site on Saturday as I’ll be releasing some printable pocket scrapbooking cards for National Scrapbook Day.



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  1. Simone

    May 1, 2015 at 12:41 am

    My daughter loves Ben and Holly too! And the apps are a lot of fun.

    Hope you do join the Blog everyday in May challenge – here is my first post.

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