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Week Three and some labels


Here I am with week three. I’m slowly catching up, but rather than rushing through the weeks to get up to date as fast as I can, I’m taking my time and enjoying putting each week together.


After last weeks white layout I wanted to use a bit more colour and pulled out an old favourite which is Kaisercraft’s Snapshot. I really like Kaisercrat’s Captured Moments range and often find them easier to use than a lot of the Project Life cards with their excess of ‘best day ever’ and ‘feeling blessed’. Or perhaps I’ve just been lucky with the ranges I’ve chosen.

As you can see I had a lot of photos I wanted to include this week, but not really a lot to say, so I went with the little labels for journaling this week. You can get your own set at the end of this post.


For those who actually try to read my journaling I feel I need to clarify that the ultrasound was due to the stomach ache I’d had that weekend, and not for anything more exciting, unless you consider a possible stone in my bile duct exciting. The good news is; there wasn’t one!

This is my third week of using my title and week in review cards and to be honest I think I’ll be bored of them soon. I do miss doing my own thing a bit, and while they were intended as time savers, they aren’t really time savers when I feel the need to dig out water colours and mists to make them more exciting.

Lastly, I promised there would be a label freebie last week. Last week rapidly became this week, but they’re finally here!


I’ve included three PDF’s in the zip file. The labels are 1×3 inches, but it will depend on your printer settings as to whether they print this size. I’ve been trimming them down a little when using them on 4×3 cards to add a bit of interest. The colours are mainly blue/greens with some yellow and black thrown in. I hope you find them useful, if there’s a colour you’d like, let me know and I’ll release some more.

>>>Download the ZIP<<<


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