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2012 Goals

Each year I set myself some goals. Not resolutions, the very term ‘New Years Resolutions’ seems to spell failure. Here’s my goals relevant to the subject matter on this blog;

  • Meal plan, buy local food, cook more. Pretty simple! It’s just a matter of being organised to achieve this one.
  • Get the weeds in the garden under control and keep them that way. This is a huge one. Given how many pictures I post of the nice parts of the garden I do have to admit that I’d be ashamed to show you the garden in its entirety. Some of the beds have been swallowed altogether. Lots of work to be done!
  • Keep the house organised and clean and be mindful of what comes in the door. I spent a lot of time last year decluttering some of the things I no longer had room or love for from the house. I’m going to be mindful this year of what new stuff gets bought as I don’t want to find myself living among too much stuff again. This is especially important now we have Elijah.
  • Get back on the bike! I’m really excited about this. Two more months and Elijah can travel in a baby seat on the back!
  • Exercise more and spend more time outdoors on family outings such as BBQ’s and picnics instead of heading to cafes and shopping centres. We’ve all got very fair skin in this family so it isn’t always sensible to spend time outside, however there is such a thing as shade.

I’m trying not to get too carried away. If I think of anything else that is significant I’ll add it, but this should be enough to keep me nice and busy! You can see my creative goals here. I have some other goals of a more personal nature, but I won’t be publishing them on the internet. Neither blog feels appropriate and some goals are quite personal.

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