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Week in the Life – Wrap Up

Gosh the weeks are racing by. Am I the only one feeling like Christmas will be upon us before we get a chance to put the tree up? November seems to be just disappearing.

A few weeks ago I posted about Week in the Life. I finally finished putting the album together today and thought I’d share some thoughts about it.


If you read my previous post you’ll know that I pretty much decided to do this on a whim. The upside to this was that I completed it, the downside that I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I wanted to document, why I wanted to document it, and how. I did print out Ali’s templates but after two days I forgot to take notes and relied a lot on my memory for the journaling. When it came to putting it together I noticed I’d gone from having photos spaced through the day, to only having a handful of photos at the end of week which were quite random.

Materials wise, I used a Kaisercraft album which comes with 10 pocket pages. I could have done something with the cover, but I decided to leave it plain because, you know, Christmas is coming and there are ten million things to do!


Inside I used a combination of now obsolete templates by Nettio, Project Life Midnight edition paper, and WRMK Chalkboard cards.

Will I try this project again? Yes. But I think I’d need to do some better pre-planning and perhaps choose a week that isn’t as busy as this one. I had so much on coordinating a Halloween event at our local miniature railway and that definitely took away from this a lot. I’ve seen some of other people’s albums coming together and they are amazing. I love that people have thought to include family statistics, more receipts than I thought to collect, paraphernalia, and just well, a lot more quantity!

Am I happy with the result? Happier than no result!

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