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Week in the Life

On occasion I think I’d have a lot more time if I weren’t such a fan of Ali Edwards, but on the other hand I’d miss out on so much. I wouldn’t have last years December Daily album (and the current excitement of organising this years), I wouldn’t be undertaking One Little Word focusing on the word ‘Less’ and how I can incorporate that into my life, and lastly I wouldn’t be undertaking yet another project; Week in the Life™.

I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to Week in the Life until this morning to be honest. Then I saw a post on Ali’s Facebook page, along with a few posts in the Project Life Australia Facebook group this morning and thought ‘let’s do this’. It helped that Ali herself commented on my Instagram post about it, encouraging me to ‘do it!’

Photo 27-10-2014 16 50 21

So what is it? Well clicking on the links above will give you the in depth explanation, but for me it’s going to be about capturing and writing about the day to day that it usually missed. My Project Life album is often the ‘highlights’ of the week, the pretty moments, the fun moments, but isn’t always really representative of all moments, so this week I aim to capture photos of the mundane, the routines, the reasons we do things, and hopefully create something that will be fun to look back on in years to come.

Are you undertaking Week in the Life? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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