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Wrapping up 2011

Last year I posted this post with a list of what I wanted to achieve for the year. As last year was a bit of an unknown with the baby on the way I didn’t expect that everything would be done. I’d like to revisit that list and add and remove as appropriate to create some sort of direction for 2012.

Renae’s wonderfully challenging list for 2011

  • Don’t let the house become a pig-sty before cleaning it – needs improvement!
  • Embrace motherhood. They’ll be hard days, happy days, sad days, wonderful days and scary days. It will all be a wonderful experience – I was right. It is a wonderful experience and there are far more happy/wonderful days than hard and sad days.
  • Make the most of my remaining 4 months at work – done.
  • Get back on my bike – not done. I was too scared to continue riding once my stomach grew, plus I had issues with dizziness not long after this post. I will be getting back on the bike this year.
  • Sew and crochet fabulous quilts and blankets for the baby – not done.
  • Sew my quilt – not done.
  • Blog more. Blog photos as soon as I can after taking them. – definitely not done! I hardly blogged at all last year and once the mojo was back I had the blog issues.
  • Don’t worry about every little thing – working on it!
  • Accept some things are out of my control – working on that one too.
  • Make lots of soups – done. A pressure cooker is a wonderful invention.
  • Enjoy time with my husband – done.
  • Don’t forget to exercise – not done.
  • Keep in touch with family – done better than previous years.
  • See friends more often – not really done. Having a young baby allowed me to isolate myself to some degree.
  • Don’t compare myself to others – HA!
  • Don’t be intimidated by other people’s creativity – I’ve become better at catching myself when I’m doing this.
  • Craft with other people more often – not done.
  • Don’t accumulate more clutter – done! I even threw/gave away bags and bags of things.
  • Put things away at the time and always sort bills straight away – needs work.
  • Get back into the habit of cooking – slowly getting there!

So that was 2011. All in all a pretty good year considering there are big things not on that list like ‘take care of a baby that is completely dependent on you’! I’m not going to put my 2012 list up just yet as I’ve just downloaded this workbook and want to work through that to identify what it really important.

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  1. {tinniegirl}

    January 12, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Love this post. It’s great to look back and see what comes to fruition, what gets put aside. I’ve been thinking about my list too. There’s lots of ‘not done’ to go on it as well. Have to do a post soon about it I think.

    Happy New Year. Love your 2012 goals as well. Hope you kick butt.

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