Welcome to 2012

This year has begun well for me with respect to this blog. Long story short – I was able to do some changes in the SQL database that made it much faster and easier to relink all my missing images. There’s still a few things missing (mainly on really old posts where I wasn’t sure what image was there to begin with), and some links to other websites are broken, but all in all things are a lot closer to being fixed than I anticipated! I took the opportunity to delete some completely irrelevant posts and I will be deleting my posts about the hacking as it’s probably better not to advertise these things!

I found going through all of my old posts quite enjoyable as it’s reminded me of some of the things I used to blog about that I no longer do. I hope to rectify that this year. The main change you’ll see on the blog this year is that it will be mainly craft only. If all goes well and I finally launch my online store then I’d like the blog to support that without it being cluttered up with photos from the garden. Those posts now live over at My Renvironment which is also nearly fixed and receiving a facelift.

The main thing I need to accept though on both my blogs is that I don’t have the same time to update that I once did. Editing photos and typing posts sounds easy, but when you have a baby who’s just discovered he can crawl things get a bit trickier. I’m not going to make ‘apology’ posts for not being around this year or my entire blog will be one big apology. If I don’t post for a month then I don’t post for a month. There’s no consequence for that.

Over the coming week I look forward to doing a few Christmas wrap-up posts as I have quite a few photos I’d like to share.

I wish you all a wonderful 2012.




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  1. Jen

    January 1, 2012 at 6:52 am

    happy new year lovely! and big hugs for C and E!

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