A new year and the 100th post!

I did it! This is post #100! I was beginning to think I wouldn’t scrape the last few in by the end of the year, especially since we’ve over downloaded and it’s a tad slow on here presently, but I have!

The last thing I’m writing for this blog this year is a list to remind me of my new format for next year. When I started this blog I wanted it to have structure, hence the fairly structured category list, so structure it shall have. From tomorrow onwards I’ll be posting as such:

Stunning Sunday – photos from the garden

Munchy Monday: food, drink and recipes

Topstitch Tuesday- craft projects

Warming Wednesday – home and life

Tranquil Thursday – gardening

Foodies Friday – more food, drink and recipes

Selvedge Saturday: sewing projects and other craft

Update- whenever there’s a need to throw a random update in that doesn’t fit it above.

On top of this I’m finally ready to separate out all the crafty things I’m doing from this blog (except of course on Topstitch Tuesday and Selvedge Saturday!) and have resurrected my old blogger account (which I’ve needed to comment on half the blogs out there anyway!), deleted my old blogs and started Red-Wren Designs (optimistically hoping that I will, one day, have designs!) and It’s going to have no structure whatsoever! So head on over and visit me there!

Have a safe New Years eve and I’ll see you all in the New Year!


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