A wrap up and a dragon fly

I neglected to wrap-up Blogtoberfest on the 31st. A cranky baby got the better of me and that was the end of that. I had said pretty much all I wanted to on Sunday’s post though. So there goes another October.

I had a mild panic about it being November already last night. It’s more relevant to crafting though so I’ll post about it there.

What is relevant here on Renvironement is this gorgeous dragon fly adorning my climbing rose. He was a very lucky dragon fly; I was snipping away deheading roses and spotted him just as I was about to snip him in half thinking he was a dead stem! I’d never have forgiven myself; such beautiful insects.

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  1. liz

    March 19, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Well here I am in the other link. Just love the picture of the dragon fly on the rose – FANTASTIC photography !! Liz

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