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Woe is me!

Not entirely.

I’ve spoken over the last few weeks of two little dreams of mine; selling kiddy things I”m working on and selling Christmas Kits. The former is coming along nicely and I’m confident I will have something on my little shop in time for the new year. The latter- not so.

Last night I turned to my husband and said ‘guess what happens in a month?’

He had no idea and I excitedly replied ‘the tree goes up!’. Then I panicked. How has December got so close? How will I fulfill my dream to sell Christmas kits? I have handmade presents to make for family to make, I’m participating in a Christmas swap, I’ve got a demanding 5 month old, I’m addicted to the internet!

Rather than let the stress get to me, I’ve come to the conclusion that this year I probably can’t. By the time I perfect the kits and get them out there it won’t leave much time for people to then use them to make their own decorations in time for Christmas (optimistic that I’ll sell some aren’t I?!)

What I can do is make some extra decorations and things when making ones for the family and myself and pop those in the store and see how they go. It’s a good opportunity to see how my designs actually turn out and to see if anyone actually wants them before I get carried away. Everyone starts somewhere and this year smaller is better! If I don’t sell any then I know not to focus on that next year. 

And here’s something to ponder – why is it than whenever you think you’ve found something that ‘not everyone’ is doing after scouring Etsy and the like, the very thing you were thinking of appears on one of the ‘big, popular’ blogs or in a magazine! Fortunately the one I’ve just seen doesn’t look much like mine, but still!

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  1. curlypops

    November 2, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    ’tis always the way.. you can only do what you can manage!

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