Our Home

An unexpected visit

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care –
in hopes that a possum soon would be there….”

This is what the fireplace looked like when I went to bed last night. Stockings were hung, candles and pinecones (not pictured) carefully arranged, the faux safety grill in place…

At 3am this morning it looked like a bomb had exploded! A possum fell down our chimney bringing with it masses of black soot, then proceeded to knock over the safety grill and wander through the lounge room where it decided to hop onto a coffee table, knock over numerous china ornaments (which didn’t break thankfully!) and try to escape out a window.

No lasting damage was done, but a long time has been spent scrubbing soot off the walls and setting everthing right again. It could have been worse though- it could have turned left after exiting the fireplace and scaled the Christmas tree!

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