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Apron Swap!

A little overdue perhaps, but here are the aprons sent and received in the Sassy Apron Swap!


I had Jo from sparklygreenknickers (best blog title EVER!) to whip something up for. I sent her the following:

The apron is a fairly simple reversible half apron that I made up as I went and hoped it turned out well! Which I think it did so hopefully Jo agrees! Both sides have the same green, then one side has the cherry print border on the bottom and cherry print pocket and the other side has the more festive poinsettia. I couldn’t get a decent photo of the apron in it’s entirety hence the cryptic photos!

I then whipped up some felt hearts and was rather pleased with the result. So pleased I’ll be whipping up some more. I really like felt decorations, they feel homely.

The last photo is the package before I finished wrapping it up!


The lovely Leah from Puggle Logic sent me a gorgeous package which included the Emmeline Apron! I haven’t photographed it yet, but here is a link to the apron on Leah

My sister had recently bought the Emmeline pattern, but I’d put it in the ‘not enough time to try it yet’ basket, so you can imagine how happy I was to have one made for me! Leah made some very clever adjustments to the pattern. So clever that my sister currently has the apron so she can make the same adjustments to one she is currently making!

Also check out the cute doily winged Angel in her header – she now graces my noticeboard!

That was fun! When can we do it again?!

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  1. jo

    December 10, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    I thought it was a beautifully made apron! I’ve worn it a few times, and love the huge pockets!

    You did really well with the apron you received, too! I think I’ll be pinching the idea of the adjustable neck strap :P

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