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Catching up on Project Life

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not enjoying being so far behind with my Project Life. I don’t take good enough notes throughout the week to enable me to remember the little moments and I feel that the layouts I’ve been doing recently don’t have the same depth as last years when I was so up to date that I included ‘song of the week’ among others. I have been racing to catch up though, and am now only three weeks behind which is a nice feeling.


It’s perhaps a bit self-indulgent to scrap photos of delicious hot chocolate (with peppermint crisp!) but I try to keep my albums ‘real’ and about the day to day life we live. I took up Project Life mainly to see the positives of every week at a time when I wasn’t really seeing them. When I look at my albums in ten, twenty years time I might laugh and roll my eyes, or I might be grateful for keeping the albums about the day to day.. who knows, but for now, hot chocolate photos it is.


Did you know the transfers on children’s underwear melts when you wash them on the baby cycle (95’C)? Now you do. Poor George.


I’ve long since given up the idea of blogging the backlog of layouts I’ve completed. Instead I’ve put them all on a (currently unpublished) page which I’ll publish once I’ve caught up. That way if anyone wants to see them, they’re available, but without putting the pressure on myself to blog them all.

I haven’t forgotten about that freebie that I said was on its way four weeks ago. I printed the cards out today to photograph for the blog post which is one step closer.


  1. Kellie Winnell

    August 4, 2014 at 4:54 am

    I can relate 110% I am so far behind and not really happy with myself for it. I also feel that my pages are lacking something that I didn’t lack last year, and maybe that is from being behind, where as last year, I was only a week maybe 2 behind at any given time, 3 max, haha, covering all bases. But this year I am just struggling with keeping up, my style and more. I love what I can see of yours and like you I may look back and roll my eyes and my 20 cups of tea photos, haha, but that’s me!

    1. ren

      August 5, 2014 at 1:40 am

      I wonder if part of the problem is the expectation that we should have a ‘style’ rather than just doing what we feel like. I know last year before I had saturated myself with ‘inspiration’ I was happy with my style, but this year I can’t seem to find it. Something you wrote at the start of the year inspired me, I’ll have to go and read your post again.

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