Modern Calligraphy

I like most of the scrapbooking/stationery/papercraft world really love the look of modern calligraphy. I have a calligraphy pen, but it’s a good old Sheaffer and somewhere along the line I misplaced my fine nib, so it isn’t easy to get the look I like. So I’ve been faking it.


This is just a practise piece I’ve done propped up in bed but I really like the way they turn out and can see a lot of potential for my fauxligragphy once I get a little more precise. It’s really helping me develop a liking for my handwriting too, which is something I wanted to work on this year.

As well as writing words all over my page in this style, I have been trying out other lettering as well as doodling a lot, and just re-discovering my love of drawing for the sake of drawing. My current pen of choice is the Sakura Pigma Micron. I really want to get myself a proper nib so I can practise real calligraphy, but for now this is serving me quite well.

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