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Christmas treats

Last night we had some friends around for finger food, drinks and dessert. Today we have an enormous surplus of food – mainly chocolate – due to my wonderful tendency to always prepare for the worst and thus over cater by oh say 20 people.

1. We catered for vegetarians, gluten intolerance and gluten intolerant vegetarians. The little signs made it easy for everyone to work out what they could eat!
2. Veggie Slice – recipe modified from the veggie slice recipe in the December Recipe+ magazine. I left out the kumara.
3. Ice Cream cake- I normally do a Christmas pudding cake, but decided to try something new. Recipe will follow in another post.
4. Cheesy chicken balls – recipe can be found on page88 of the free Coles magazine
5. Chocolate truffles. These were made as a little ‘take-home’ pressie for everyone, that I forgot to hand out to at least 5 people. Oops! Basic recipe can be found here, I added peppermint crisp to the dark ones and a tablespoon of creme de cassis to the milk.
6. Mexican layer dip. This was a huge hit and there wasn’t a single drop left. I used this recipe and omitted the olives.

A very yummy evening was had by all!

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