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I love December- the calendar ticking over today has landed me in the most wonderful mood. As soon as I arrived home from work I begun to put the Christmas decorations up. They aren’t done yet- I forgot just how long it takes to assemble our tree, but I’ve made good progress. No sneak peek photos though!!

In the meantime, have a look at these:

These are the most wonderful gluten free brownies I have ever tasted! I made Batch#1 last weekend and they were mmm quite nice, but Batch#2 were amazing! What made them go from ‘mmm’ to ‘mmm oh my gosh…more!’? About half a block of melted dark chocolate!

You can find the recipe here and the only alteration I made is adding the dark chocolate (just melt it with the butter). It’s such an easy recipe, does not taste gluten free and everyone will love them. I do recommend using a smaller pan than recommended, I used a pie dish and they will crumble when you try cut them so if you want perfect brownies, refrigerate before cutting!



  1. Hoppo Bumpo

    December 2, 2008 at 5:31 am

    They look absolutely yummy! Did you use the Orgran brand flour as the recipe suggests? (I do a little bit of wheat-free cooking and am still trying to find the best flour to use that isn’t too stodgy, doesn’t taste overly of maize, etc, etc. Maybe the trick is to use a lot of chocolate!!)

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