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Oh Christmas Tree..

As you’re aware things have been pretty quiet on the crafting front here at Rose Cottage. I am slowly feeling a bit more energetic and blah of late and did manage to get the Christmas decorations up! Can I get a big ‘Hooray!’?


We’re not having the usual family dinner at our place this year as it’s a bit too much work for me which means I don’t need the table cloth so I could experiment with a different centre piece. I’ve just put a simple white runner down the length of the table, this in the centre and two candles at either end. I love how it turned out. The white contrasts beautifully with the dark table.


Things haven’t changed much on the 7ft monster tree front. I treated it with a new star and a handful of decorations, but like most of the house I didn’t get around to any of my handmade Christmas plans which while disappointing is just how it is this year.

Speaking of handmade decorations, I have started working on some cute felt reindeer. Hopefully (cross your fingers for me!), I’ll have some finished ones to show you this weekend.

Overall with Christmas this year I’m trying to take it easy and not dwell too much on what I haven’t done. I am 15 weeks pregnant and that in itself it an achievement!

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  1. Jen

    December 14, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    that is indeed an awesome achievement!
    The tree and centrepiece look great! I’m kinda hoping K does do her own thing on Thurs so i can come and seeee you!!!!!

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